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Section 74: Hopkins

  This was the final section run of the west side and it included the Hopkins neighborhood which is best known for being home to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  Formerly known as Riverside, the neighborhood is also the final of the four that make up West Park. Map: Run 1 , Run 2 , Run 3 Distance This Section:   12.6  miles Distance So Far: 582.1 miles The Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport was built in 1925 and is the country's first municipally-owned airport. It also was the first to use an air traffic control tower, airfield lighting and ground-to-air radio control. In 1968, it became the first US airport to connect directly to a rail transit system (RTA Red Line). It's Ohio's busiest airport, offering 115 non-stop flights to over 48 destinations and employs over 4,000. The airport's namesake is William Hopkins, the individual who championed the effort to have the airport built. This is Forestwood Ave, a now-paper street located north of the the a
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Section 73: Kamm's - Part 5

  This was the fifth and final section run of the  Kamm's  neighborhood in West Park. Map: Run 1 , Run 2 , Run 3 Distance This Section:   13.7  miles Distance So Far:  569.5 miles Puritas Nursery (19201 Puritas Ave) has been in operation for nearly a century. They are also home to the  Puritas Nursery Holiday Trains  display which takes place between Thanksgiving and the New Year. From Bill B on Google Reviews:  "My favorite nursery in the Cleveland area! Friendly, knowledgeable, and caring staff that seem like a family running an Old fashioned nursery greenhouse. They have the best variety I've far." The contrast of the messages had me intrigued as to what was going on here but then I realized some things are better left unknown. Fire Station #43 was built in 1949 and is home to a 2020 model fire truck. Riverside Park  (17800 Parkmount Ave) features over 500 units of affordable housing through a mix of ranch-style, townhome and senior apartment buildings.

Section 72: Kamm's - Part 4

  This was the fourth section run of the  Kamm's  neighborhood in West Park. Below is the boundary map: Map :  Run 1 ,  Run 2 Distance This Section :  10.9  miles Distance So Far : 555.8   miles St. Patrick's Church (4427 Rocky River Drive) is one of the oldest parishes in the Cleveland Catholic Diocese. The parish was established in 1848 by Reverend Amadeus Rappe, the first bishop of Cleveland.   Outreach included sports programs open to all, fundraisers for police and fire fighter funds, and a space for Alcoholics Anonymous and other community meetings. The church also operates a hunger center for over 30 years which feeds about 130 families a month and more around holidays. Gunning Park (16700 Puritas Ave) was established in 1943. The outdoor portion features tennis courts, a playground, baseball diamond and a large football/soccer field. It also has a huge rec center which features a weight room, sauna, track, basketball court and indoor pool. Friends and family watching a