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Run # 37: Brooklyn Centre - Part 1

This was the first run in Brooklyn Centre which was originally laid out in 1830 as part of Brooklyn Township.  The area was part of the first settlement west of the Cuyahoga River and  was annexed by Cleveland in 1894. The run was from Woodbridge Ave (north) to Smith Ave (south) and from Fulton Rd (west) to View Rd /MetroHealth campus (east). Notable locations included: MetroHealth : Originally founded in 1837 as City Hospital, the City of Cleveland ceded ownership to Cuyahoga County in 1958 and formed what is now known as MetroHealth, the nation's first hospital system. The main facility in Brooklyn Centre is the oldest and largest and is nationally renown for its Life Flight and trauma center. It is currently in the midst of a $1 billion campus transformation plan , the largest self-funded county hospital project in the history of the United States. Mother God of Zyrovicy Byelorussian Orthodox Church : The church building on Scranton Road was the first Byelorussian church in Cle

Run #36: Clark Fulton - Part 5

This run was from Sackett Ave (north) to Leading Ave (south) and from W. 25th (east) to W. 44th (east). It was the last section of the Clark Fulton neighborhood. Notable locations included: Phunkenship : Part of Platform Brewing, this venue is dedicated to their sour-line production. It also features a full bar with private event space; large outdoor patio; and a separate gaming area and patio space a half a block away on Sackett called "The Yard". There's also lots of special events that are held here as well. Here's a good overview by Cleveland Scene. City Life Center : This religious-based institution offers outreach programs for Cleveland youth such as  cooking classes, guitar classes, art classes, and sports. Family Ministry Center : Located at the campus of the former Blessed Sacrament Catholic parish ( purchased in 2012 by Bay Presbyterian church ), the Center provides space and administrative support to its nearly 20 partner organizations who, in turn, provi

Run #35: Clark Fulton - Part 4

This run was from Clark Ave (north) to Sackett Ave (south) and from Fulton Ave (west) to W. 25th (east). Notable locations included: Esperanza : Located on Clark Ave & W. 25th, this non-profit is dedicated to the advancement of Hispanic education achievement. 98% of students enrolled in their youth leadership program graduate from high school. The organization has also allocated over $1.5 million in scholarships to over 1,000 students since the 1980s. Hispanic Business Center : This 40-year-old organization is home to Northeast Ohio’s only Latino Small Business Development Center and assists with numerous aspects of business development and management. Old Angle Boxing Gym : This gym on W. 25th takes its name from the Old Angle neighborhood , an area near W. 25th & Detroit Ave which is steeped in Cleveland amateur and professional boxing history. It is owned by Gary Horvath, the "Pope of W. 25th"   (great documentary short in the link). La Morenita Restaurant : This D

Run #34: Clark Fulton - Part 3

This run was from Clark Ave (north) to Storer Ave (south) and W. 44th (west) to Fulton Ave (east). Notable locations included: Mazzone & Son's Bakery : This beloved bakery and pizza shop was founded in 1937 by Luigi Mazzone and his wife Ellen. Their loaves of bread, pastries and large pizza slices remain very popular. Johnny's Bar : At first a grocery store and then opening in the 1924 as Louise's Garden, the restaurant was renamed "Johnny's Bar" in 1952 and has become known as one of the premier restaurants in Cleveland, serving Northern Italian cuisine. The venue has attracted many a celebrity over the years. The Party Rican : A converted funeral home-turned-DJ studio with a can't-miss mural. Los Dos Fronteras : This simple but solid Mexican restaurant opened in 2014 and offers traditional dishes at an affordable price. Envision Cleveland Community Garden : This religious-based organization operates a program in the neighborhood called The Bridge w