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Run # 37: Brooklyn Centre - Part 1

This was the first run in Brooklyn Centre which was originally laid out in 1830 as part of Brooklyn Township. The area was part of the first settlement west of the Cuyahoga River and was annexed by Cleveland in 1894.

The run was from Woodbridge Ave (north) to Smith Ave (south) and from Fulton Rd (west) to View Rd /MetroHealth campus (east).

Notable locations included:

  • MetroHealth: Originally founded in 1837 as City Hospital, the City of Cleveland ceded ownership to Cuyahoga County in 1958 and formed what is now known as MetroHealth, the nation's first hospital system. The main facility in Brooklyn Centre is the oldest and largest and is nationally renown for its Life Flight and trauma center. It is currently in the midst of a $1 billion campus transformation plan, the largest self-funded county hospital project in the history of the United States.
  • Mother God of Zyrovicy Byelorussian Orthodox Church: The church building on Scranton Road was the first Byelorussian church in Cleveland. The parish was formed in 1951. The congregation moved to Strongsville in 1999. Those who chose not to follow stayed put and formed formed St. Nicholas Belarusan Orthodox Church. The church is now home to Casa Roca De Refugio.
  • Trinity United Church: This church was formed in 1911 to serve American-born generations of Germans who no longer spoke German but wanted to continue to worship with German-affiliated congregations. In the 1960s, new highways divided the neighborhood badly and the church never recovered. It's now part of the MetroHealth campus.
  • Half Moon Bakery: This popular Latin American-themed restaurant is owned by a husband-wife duo with family roots in the culinary industry. They began by serving food at school functions and were encouraged by others to open their own business. They eventually saved up enough money to buy and renovate their storefront on W. 25th and have been going strong since early 2020. This was the post-run meal. The "Columbian" empanada is highly recommended (see photo below).
  • Benny's Sports Bar & Latin Restaurant: This sports bar on Fulton has plenty of flat screens, great Latin food, and live music on the weekends.
  • 2nd District Police Station: Located at 3481 Fulton Road, the 2nd District serves the Tremont, Ohio City, Detroit Shoreway, Clark Fulton, Stockyard, Brooklyn Centre and Old Brooklyn neighborhoods (map). It is led by Commander Thomas Stacho.
  • Cleveland Public Library - Fulton Branch: This branch opened in 1983. It's 8,300 square feet design features interior skylights and, according to the architects, was configured “to recognize the trapezoidal site’s relationship to a busy intersection and scaled in context with the surrounding houses and small retail buildings.”
  • Jones Home: Opening in 1887, the building was named for Carlos Jones who was the Mayor of Brooklyn Township (nearby Marvin and Daisy Avenues were named after his children). It served as an orphanage for "healthy, white, Protestant children" who were given a bible once adopted by rural families only. (Former U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes served as a founding board member). Needing more money, the institution dropped the religious and race requirements. It was eventually absorbed by Children's Services and has become a consolidated residential treatment center for youth known as Applewood Centers.

Distance This Run: 8.0 miles 

Distance So Far: 189.7 miles

Strava Recording

Construction vinyl art wraps at MetroHealth

Marvin Ave.

Benny's Sports Bar & Latin Restaurant on Fulton

2nd District Police Department

Mural on Tyler Court

Fulton Ave

Daisy Ave.

Tyler Court

The former Trinity United Church

Jones Home

Half Moon Bakery

Casa Roca De Refugio, originally a church for Byelorussian immigrants

Thank you sign for MetroHealth campus workers


Cleveland Public Library - Fulton Branch

Marvin Ave

The "Columbian" empanada at Half Moon Bakery