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Run 53: Old Brooklyn - Part 13

  This was the 13th and final section run of   Old Brooklyn . The boundary included Broadview Road (west) to Jennings Road (east) and from Valley Road (north) to Creston Road (south). Distance This Section : 6.2 miles  Distance So Far : 317.8 miles Strava Recording Brighton Park : This new park was a construction and demolition debris landfill that ceased operation in the 1980s. It was once also home to Cuffari's Go Kart track. In partnership with Cleveland Metroparks, the Western Reserve Land Conservancy acquired it in 2015 and secured funding for environmental remediation which paved the way for park development. At 25 acres and with 5,100 feet of trail, it now provides a critical connection between the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Brookside Reservation. Flowers in bloom on Valley Road. One of the nicer single family homes I saw (Valley Rd & Elston Ave). Commercial opportunity on Valley Rd near Jennings Rd. Entrance to the Treadway

Run 52: Old Brooklyn - Part 12

This was the 12th section run of Old Brooklyn . The boundary included Broadview Road (west) to Jennings Road (east) and from Harmody Park (north) to Spring Road (south). Distance This Section : 6.2 miles Distance So Far : 311.6 miles Strava Recording Harmody Park  is a 21-acre City park is part of the  Treadway Creek Trail  which was created after residents opposed a local land fill operator's attempt to purchase the land to create yet another land fill site in the late 1990s. The protest was successful and the City eventually purchased the land. Partnering with the Western Creek Conservancy, they worked to create 2/3rd mile connector trail to the Towpath Trail which was completed in 2007. I found this amazing garden park at the end of Bern Ave. It featured various plants with species info, poems, sitting benches, and a wishing well. This random find is why I love doing these runs.  Treadway Avenue Gabe's Family Restaurant   is a classic diner-style restaurant open 7 days a wee

Run 51: Old Brooklyn - Part 11

  This was the 11th section run of   Old Brooklyn   and included the heart of the sub-neighborhood of South Hills. The boundary included Broadview Road (west) to I-176 (east) and from Spring Road (north) to Schaaf Road (south). Distance This Section : 11.9 miles  Distance So Far : 305.4 miles Strava Recording 1   Strava Recording 2 Ben Franklin Community Garden : At 5-acres and with over 200 plots and on average 180 gardeners per year ,  Ben Franklin is the largest community garden in Cuyahoga County with  history dating back to 1904 . It's also an official city Landmark and has its own zoning designation. Benjamin Franklin Elementary School : K-8th grade elementary school with nearly 600 students Cleveland Free Will Baptist Church on W. 11th St Navigating the cul-de-sacs east of W. 11th My bag full of goods from Ziggy's Produce and Farm , a 25-year-old non-descript corner store run by folks from the former Yugoslavia. They offer a great selection of unique European goods plus

Run 50: Old Brooklyn - Part 10

This was the 10th section run of Old Brooklyn and included the Jennings Freeway Industrial Park as well as part of the South Hills micro-neighborhood. The boundary included I-176 (west) to Bradley Road (east) and from Jennings Road (north) to Schaaf/Van Epps Road (south). Distance This Section : 6.2 miles  Distance So Far : 293.5 miles Strava Recording The border of Old Brooklyn on Jennings Road Industrial ruins off Bradley Road Bradley Road Cleveland Police Impound Lot #2 :  Impound lot for CPD. They periodically auction off vehicles. Proceeds from forfeited vehicles at the auction go to the Law Enforcement Trust Fund. Money from abandoned vehicles goes to the general fund. Big Creek at Jennings Road Lakeview Ridge : 110-unit townhome/condo development established in 1996. Jennings Road Bridge Super old structure on Jennings Road near Spring Road Approaching Jennings Industrial Park Cleveland Vibrator : Not what you think. Founded in 1923, this company located on Hinkley Industrial P