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Run 50: Old Brooklyn - Part 10

This was the 10th section run of Old Brooklyn and included the Jennings Freeway Industrial Park as well as part of the South Hills micro-neighborhood. The boundary included I-176 (west) to Bradley Road (east) and from Jennings Road (north) to Schaaf/Van Epps Road (south).

Distance This Section: 6.2 miles 

Distance So Far: 293.5 miles

The border of Old Brooklyn on Jennings Road

Industrial ruins off Bradley Road

Bradley Road

Cleveland Police Impound Lot #2Impound lot for CPD. They periodically auction off vehicles. Proceeds from forfeited vehicles at the auction go to the Law Enforcement Trust Fund. Money from abandoned vehicles goes to the general fund.

Big Creek at Jennings Road

Lakeview Ridge: 110-unit townhome/condo development established in 1996.

Jennings Road Bridge

Super old structure on Jennings Road near Spring Road

Approaching Jennings Industrial Park

Cleveland Vibrator: Not what you think. Founded in 1923, this company located on Hinkley Industrial Parkway has been designing, manufacturing and supplying vibratory products for different industrial applications. They "make stuff that shakes stuff". They also have a professional sense of humor about their name and offer this "highly sought-after" t-shirt.

Winsupply of Cleveland: Local wholesale plumbing supply company founded in 1922.

Meritech: Founded in 1978, this Cleveland-area business started off selling copiers but now provide comprehensive IT services for businesses. They have three locations but this is their headquarters.

National Mortuary Shipping & Cremation: What do you do if you're a hometown funeral director and you have an out-of-town death? You call these folks who have been proving this service for over 35 years. There's also a pet crematory on site as well.

Sherwin Williams - Hinckley Flex Branch: In 2017, about 225 administrative employees moved to this branch from downtown (source: the amazing NEOTrans blog). It was formerly a Charter One Bank check processing facility.

Cuff Link Media: Wedding photography and videography company on Van Epps Rd. founded by a former Garfield Heights school teacher. Fun facts: their Director of Photography was also a state champion in archery and their Lead Photographer can speak three languages.

South Ridge Drive

It's a small neighborhood but the residents aren't without a sense of humor

Skylane Drive