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Run 52: Old Brooklyn - Part 12

This was the 12th section run of Old Brooklyn. The boundary included Broadview Road (west) to Jennings Road (east) and from Harmody Park (north) to Spring Road (south).

Distance This Section: 6.2 miles

Distance So Far: 311.6 miles

Strava Recording

Harmody Park is a 21-acre City park is part of the Treadway Creek Trail which was created after residents opposed a local land fill operator's attempt to purchase the land to create yet another land fill site in the late 1990s. The protest was successful and the City eventually purchased the land. Partnering with the Western Creek Conservancy, they worked to create 2/3rd mile connector trail to the Towpath Trail which was completed in 2007.

I found this amazing garden park at the end of Bern Ave. It featured various plants with species info, poems, sitting benches, and a wishing well. This random find is why I love doing these runs. 

Treadway Avenue

Gabe's Family Restaurant is a classic diner-style restaurant open 7 days a week from 6am-2pm. They offer a pretty robust menu of hotcakes, French toast and Belgium waffles in particular.

Probably the most unique house I saw on this run (Spring Road).

Spring Hill Villa Apartments is a senior/affordable housing apartment complex on Jennings Road. Built in 1977, it stands at 4 stories in height and features over 200 units.

Jennings Commons is an affordable housing complex next to Spring Hill Villa.

Birch Lane