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Run 49: Old Brooklyn - Part 9

  This was the 9th section run of Old Brooklyn and was part of the South Hills micro-neighborhood. The boundary included Schaaf Road to the east and north, Broadview Road to the west, and Brookpark Road to the south. Distance This Section :  6.6 miles    Distance So Far : 287.3 miles Strava Recording 1   Strava Recording 2 Schaff Road is   where greenhouse farming began in 1887, eventually making Old Brooklyn the "Greenhouse Capital of the United States" by the mid-20th Century.  Here's more on that history . Along with Broadview Road, its also part of the  Ohio & Erie Canal America Byway . Little free library on Schaaf Road St. James Lutheran Church : Lutheran Church located on Broadview Road. They are affiliated with the Missouri Synod system which operates the largest Protestant school system in the United States. Development on Broadview Road Vacancy on Broadview Road Something Fishy : This aquatarium retailer was founded in 1991 by owner David Hale who is a bree

Run 48: Old Brooklyn - Part 8

  This was the 8th section run of the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. The boundary included Pearl & Broadview Road (north) to Brooklyn Heights Cemetery (south) and from State Road (west) to Broadview Road (east). Notable locations included: Coffee Coffee Coffee : This hip coffee shop on Pearl Rd is run by the same folks who manage Passenger Cafe at Cleveland Hostel. They serve Phoenix Coffee. One of their popular drinks is "Rocket Fuel" which features highly caffeinated iced coffee fused with chocolate milk. Update: now offering MEGA Rocket Fuel. Buckle up. Old Brooklyn Health Center :  After purchasing the Johnson family property in 1919, the Evangelical Deaconess Society opened Deaconess Hospital in 1923. Patient occupancy rates declined in the 1980s. It changed ownership several times and was eventually bought by MetroHealth who owns and operates it to this day. Gus's Old Brooklyn Family Restaurant : This neighborhood-favorite all-day breakfast spot has been serving Ol