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South Collinwood: Part 1

 This was the first run of the South   Collinwood   neighborhood:  "The South Collinwood neighborhood is a mixture of residential enclaves interspersed with industrial districts that developed along the rail lines which followed the southern shore of Lake Erie. Industrial development accelerated rapidly following the construction of the Collinwood Yards rail switching center and freight yard. It became a neighborhood of Cleveland when the villages of Collinwood and Nottingham were annexed to the City in 1910 and 1913. Most of the housing dates from before 1930 with the oldest cluster, from the late 1800s, located around East 152 nd north of St. Clair." Map:  Run 1 Distance This Run:   5.1 miles Distance So Far: 621.9 miles Southern Bar-B-Que (630 E. 140th Street) is a little oasis in this part of South Collinwood. Owner Wendell Powell is a super nice guy and serves up a wide variety of Alabama-style BBQ dishes, which he smokes right in front of his shop. Southern BBQ has a lo

North Collinwood - Part 6

This was the sixth and final run of the North   Collinwood   neighborhood.  Map: Run 1 , Run 2 Distance This Run:  10.9 miles Distance So Far:   616.8 miles The Collinwood Recreation Center  (163000 Lakeshore Blvd) is an amazing example of adaptive reuse. Local firm City Architecture took a sprawling 66,000-square-foot former Big Lots and turned it into a $11 million state-of-the art, environmentally-friendly community hub. It features a water slide, weight/fitness room, game room, computer room, art room, basketball courts, meeting room, 3-lane indoor track, playground and an indoor pool (with water slide). The design elements are also very cool. The glass panels that front the building mimic the waves of the nearby lake; solar cells provide hot water for showers; rain water is collected and used to irrigate trees; the basketball court is made out of bamboo and; the sun deck is made out of shipping containers. As a result, the building received a Gold LEED certification for sustainab

North Collinwood: Part 5

  This was the fifth run of the North   Collinwood   neighborhood.  Map: Run 1 Distance This Run: 6.5 miles Distance So Far:  605.9 miles R&D Sausage (15714 Waterloo Rd) has been a staple in North Collinwood for decades. The business was owned forever by Joe Zuzak but was recently purchased by Colin Brown of Gifted Grass Farms . Brown kept a lot of Zuzak's recipes (e.g. smoked Croatian and Slovenian sausages) while incorporating some of his own farm-raised meats. He's a fan of Youngstown and has some good friends there. So, he hooked me up with some homemade sauerkraut to go with my bounty of goods and made me a forever customer by doing so (actually, he had me at 'fan of Youngstown'). Northbound pachyderm on Ridpath Ave. The former Immanuel Presbyterian Church (326 E. 156th St.) was built in 1906. It was designed by Cleveland architect Herman Maurer who was also a chemist, designed 10 other churches in the city (and invented the double accordion folding walls use