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South Collinwood: Part 5

  This was the fifth section run of the South Collinwood neighborhood. "The South Collinwood neighborhood is a mixture of residential enclaves interspersed with industrial districts that developed along the rail lines which followed the southern shore of Lake Erie. Industrial development accelerated rapidly following the construction of the Collinwood Yards rail switching center and freight yard. It became a neighborhood of Cleveland when the villages of Collinwood and Nottingham were annexed to the City in 1910 and 1913. Most of the housing dates from before 1930 with the oldest cluster, from the late 1800s, located around East 152nd north of St. Clair." Map:  Run 1 , Run 2 , Run 3 , Run 4 Distance This Run:  8.4 miles Distance So Far:   657.5 miles The current Collinwood High School was constructed in 1922-23 and opened to students in 1924. It is located at the corner of Saint Clair, Ivanhoe Avenues and East 152 Street referred to as Five Points. During its first year, enro