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Run 58: West Boulevard - Part 2

  This was the second section run of the  West Boulevard  neighborhood. The boundary for this run was Denison Ave (north) to Brooklyn Township (south and east) to West Boulevard (west). Distance This Section : 11.4 miles Distance So Far : 376.7 miles Strava - Run 1  l  Strava - Run 2 Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park  (9801 Walford Ave) is part of the Walford Industrial Park. As the story goe s, Ray Petro opened the original Cleveland location in the second half of 2004 out of frustration of not being able to ride during the cold winters. He invested his life savings of $50,000 and also used a $25,000 loan to fund startup costs. Every year, Ray's revamps its trails. Replacing aging features with new structures or simply redirecting traffic to approach lines from a new perspective. The track is open from October through May and features "the world’s longest indoor mountain bike trail inside of the world’s first indoor mountain bike park".  Here's a great video tour .

Run 57: West Boulevard - Part 1

  This was the first section run of the West Boulevard neighborhood whose boundary is approximately I-90 on the north, Bellaire/W. 117th/Clinton on the south, W. 117th St. on the west and W. 65th/railroad tracks to the east (some consider W. 73rd the eastern border but City planning maps say the tracks so we're going with that). The neighborhood gets its name from, unsurprisingly, West Boulevard which was created around the turn of the 20th Century in an attempt to connect Edgewater Park to Brookside Park.  For most of its existence, it mostly served as a bedroom community of sorts for those working nearby in the stockyards, breweries, railroads and manufacturing centers. Today, approximately 15,000 residents call the neighborhood home. Both the population density and the rate of those foreign born is more than double the city's average. The median income is above the citywide average as well. The boundary for this run was I-90 (north) to Denison Ave (south) and from West Boul