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North Collinwood: Part 4

  This was the fourth run of the North   Collinwood   neighborhood.  Map:   Run 1 Distance This Run:  5.8 miles Distance So Far: 599.4 miles Raddell's Sausage Shop (479 E. 152nd St.) - a true North Collinwood staple - has been serving up their super popular Slovenian sausage (and other European-style meats) for over 4 generations. They also serve smokies (pictured), soups, strudels and homemade potica. You can also order a hot sausage sandwich at the counter, too. They are the 4x People's Choice Award winner of Best Slovenian Sausage at the National Polka Hall of Fame which sounds like one of the most Cleveland awards ever. Here's a great video about Raddell's. Patrons loading up on their their European-styled carnivore needs at Raddell's. Found this Collinwood brick paver near St. Jerome’s church.   Although a bit of a misnomer given that the store is actually in Cleveland, Bratenahl Kitchen (14002 Lakeshore Blvd) is a small but mighty Jamaican joint serving up

North Collinwood: Part 3

This was the third run of the North   Collinwood   neighborhood.  Map:   Run 1 ,   Run 2 Distance This Run:  11.5 miles Distance So Far:  593.6 miles Euclid Beach Park was established in 1894 and was modeled after Coney Island in NYC. It offered gambling, freak shows and charged an admission fee. That approach failed and the property was sold to Dudley Humprey and his family in 1906 who turned into into a free, family-friendly lakefront park featuring amusement rides, concessions and a banquet hall. The park became a major destination for Clevelanders over the years but closed in 1969 due to rising cost, lakefront pollution and racial incidents (Black residents were restricted from access to certain aspects of the park for much of its existence; this resulted in a riot in 1946 ). The original archway above was designated a Cleveland landmark in 1973. Part of the site now includes affordable housing but a large section of it has remained a beautiful park and marina operated by Clevelan