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Lee Harvard: Part 1

  This was my first run of the Lee Harvard   neighborhood. Map:   Run 1 , Run 2 , Run 3 , Run 4 Distance This Run: 20 miles Distance So Far:  704.8 miles Lee Harvard has been called ' the suburb in the city ' given the fact that much of its housing developed in the mid-20th century. However, this beauty on Biltmore Ave was built in 1929 and is the oldest on the block. It truly stand outs out among the other homes. In fact, it was one of if not the coolest looking house I saw in this 20-mile segment of the neighborhood. They just don't build them like they used to. Lee Harvard has a canopy cover rate around 20% with the capability of possessing upwards of 57%. However, canopy cover is no issue on Invermere Ave, the northern limit of the neighborhood. Lee Road is the commercial spine of the neighborhood. While the surrounding residential areas are stable/inviting, Lee not. The photo above shows how wide and barren large swaths of the road and sidewalks are. This has

Euclid Green: Part 2

  This was the second and final section run of the  Euclid Green   neighborhood. Map:  Run 1 , Run 2 Distance This Run:  11.5 miles Distance So Far: 684.8 miles This 130-foot retaining wall mural on Euclid Ave near Lampson Road was a completed in 2020 by local local art organization Graffiti Heart . It features a number of artists including Bob Peck, Faderesistant, SWIM, Dayz Whun, Davon Brantley, and others including community volunteers. Funding was provided funding by Ward 10 Councilman Anthony Hairston and the Famicos Foundation. Another portion of the mural, featuring the iconic Collinwood water tower. And a bit more. It's a long mural. This green space at the corner of Torbenson Ave & Euclid Ave was created and is maintained by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD). It is part of the London Road Relief Sewers Project , a component of " Project Clean Lake " which is a 25-year, $3 billion initiative to mitigate combined sewer overflow into Lake Erie.

Euclid-Green: Part 1

  This was the first section run of the Euclid Green   neighborhood. Map: Run 1 , Run 2 Distance This Run:  7.7 miles Distance So Far:   673.3 miles Duggan Park  is an 8.7 acre park located at Avalon Road & Olympia Road. It was established in 1950 and features two basketball courts, ball field, playground, shelter and even has a in-ground swimming pool. The park received $325K worth of improvements in 2014. This industrial park at the at the border of Euclid and Cleveland is home to a metal recycling plant, a wood shipping material manufacturer, and a female & family-owned, full-service freight logistics company. Cool house on Avalon Ave. Built in 1918 and has had the same owner for nearly the past 30 years. Pure Soul & Seafood (18025 Euclid Ave) is focused on preparing unique plates with a Creole/Soul twist. They offer signature items like the "Oxtail Philly" and Creole Pasta. Most of the north end of the Euclid-Green neighborhood dead ends into Norfolk Southern