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Run #19: Fulton to W. 25th South to Lorain, North to Franklin Circle (plus half of Duck Island)

This portion of the Ohio City neighborhood featured some major west side landmarks such as the iconic West Side Market , St. Ignatius High School , Great Lakes Brewing Company and the busy W. 25th Street commercial corridor. I also covered the north end of the Duck Island neighborhood. Distance/Time: 6.5 miles l 53m 33s Total Distance/Time: 91.9 miles l 12h 15m 29s Strava Recording

Run #18: W. 25th to Fulton South of Lorain, North of Monroe

This portion of Ohio City features the popular Campbell's Sweets Factory (known for their gourmet popcorn, particularly the Dichotomy flavor), Cleveland Hostel , and the historic Monroe Street Cemetery . (one of the oldest in the city full of pioneers, politicians and businessmen who had a major impact on Cleveland ). Distance/Time: 5.4 miles l 46m 54s Total Distance/Time: 85.4 miles l 11h 21m 56s Strava Recording

Run #17: W. 32nd to W. 25th South on Fulton, North to Detroit

This run brought me in to the heart of the Ohio City Historic District. Notable landmarks included the Carnegie West Branch library (the city's largest branch which opened in 1910 and was designed by the same individual who designed four buildings for Ellis Island); Kentucky Gardens & Fairview Park ( the site of first reservoir and central pumping station used to deliver fresh water to Cleveland inhabitants; the garden is the second oldest in the city and features 155 plots); historic Saint Patrick's Parish ; and the trendy Hingetown mico-neighborhood. Distance/Time: 4.2 miles l 42m 07s Total Distance/Time: 81.2 miles l 10h 35m 02s Strava Recording

Run #16: W. 83 to W. 93 South of Madison, North of I-90

This run ended my time in Detroit Shoreway and firmly began my journey into the heart of the Cudell neighborhood. The landmarks on these streets include the Lorain Branch library (built in 1912 and features 1934 WPA mural titled Ohio City which depicts a view of OC from 1834); the Brick Lofts at Historic West Tech (once Ohio's largest high school and now a modern apartment complex); and Villa Y Zapata (a non-frills but well-liked authentic Mexican restaurant on Madison Ave). Distance/Time: 5.2 miles l 43 mins 39 secs Total Distance Time: 76.5 miles l 9 hour 52 mins 55 secs Strava Recording

Run #15: SW Detroit Shoreway Part 2

After taking a "break" by running the Towpath trail from Downtown Akron to Downtown Cleveland over the weekend (38 miles in 90 degree heat), I picked things back up this morning by finishing my run of SW Detroit Shoreway. The highlights of this part of the neighborhood is Ebenezer Spanish Seventh-Day Church  and Dudley Triangle Pocket Park, which was  completed in 2017 thanks to support from the Kresge Foundation-funded Climate Resilience Urban Opportunity Initiative. It  serves as a community gathering place for educational, environmental, and social events. This completes my run of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Distance/Time: 3.8 miles l 33 mins 06 secs Total Distance/Time: 71.34 miles l 9 hours 9 mins 16 secs Strava Recording

Run #14: SW Detroit Shoreway Part 1

This is a micro-neighborhood in Detroit Shoreway which hasn't seen the type of investment that other parts of the neighborhood have seen over the years. It's rough in patches but still has gems such as several antique shops (part of the Lorain Ave Antique District ), EDEN (permanent supportive housing for those  living with disabilities or special needs, who have low incomes and may be experiencing homelessness ), and the new Miriam Ortiz-Rush Park ( the City's first park dedicated to a Latina ). I reached the 5-mile mark about halfway through the run and also had to get to work. So, I'll have to finish the rest of the neighborhood in the next run. Distance/Time: 5 miles l 40 mins 57 secs Total Distance/Time: 67.54 miles l 8 hrs 36 mins 10 secs Strava Recording