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Run 56: Stockyards - Part 3

    This was the third and final section run of the  Stockyards  neighborhood.  The boundary for this run included W. 45th (east) to Ridge Road (west) and from Storer Ave (north) to I-71 (south). Note: I learned that there are "only" about 1,500 street miles in Cleveland which means I'm about a quarter of the way there. Distance This Section : 15.7 miles Distance So Far :  351.8 miles Run 1 l Run 2   The  Sachsenheim  (7001 Denison Ave) was founded by Saxons from Transylvanian who fled the county after Hungarian nationalism swept through the area in the late 19th and early 20th Century. The word literally means "Saxons Home". The building served as the headquarters for a fraternal organization formed to protect Transylvanian Saxons from catastrophic illness and industrial workplace injury and death. It later evolved into a place that hosted arts and cultural events for the community. Today, it's a popular venue for social events, fundraisers and weddings. I

Run 55: Stockyards - Part 2

   This was the second section run of the Stockyards neighborhood. It includes the area once known as the Isle of Cuba which, ironically, consisted mostly of then-Bohemians (now Czechs). The nickname had more to do with the flooding in the area back in the late 1800s which made this section feel isolated from the rest of the neighborhood. The boundary for this run included W. 45th (east) to W. 65th (west) and from Clark Ave (north) to Storer Ave (south). Distance This Section : 12.3 miles Distance So Far : 336.1 miles Strava - Run 1 l Strava - Run 2 These buildings are what is left of the  Cleveland Union Stockyards  campus. It was once the third largest employer in Cleveland and gave the neighborhood its name. Pictured is the Theurer-Norton Provision Company building. The  International Newcomers Academy at Thomas Jefferson  (3145 W. 46th)  is designed to serve students from all over the world during their first academic years attending school in the United States. Enrollment is cl