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Kamm's - Part 3

This was the third section run of the  Kamm's  neighborhood in West Park. Below is the boundary map: Map:  Run 1 ,  Run 2 Distance This Section:   10.9  miles Distance So Far: 555.8   miles Per Freshwater Cleveland : "Situated on the southwest corner of Rocky River Drive and Lorain Avenue, the Kamm Building has been the staple of the Kamm's Corners neighborhood for more than 100 years. Originally built in 1900 for Oswald Kamm’s lucrative general store, and later used as a post office, it has been home to many businesses—mostly restaurants—during its 120-year life.  In the past few years, the Kamm Building has become vacant and is struggling to find a permanent use. The building is a key component in local history, as Kamm served as a popular town figure and played a role in the development of the Kamm’s Corners neighborhood in West Park." Read more here . This house at 17134 Fernshaw Ave was originally located next to the Kamm Building on Lorain Ave. It was moved in 1