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Union Miles: Part 1

  This was my first run of the Union Miles   neighborhood. It covered a portion that is historically known as Corlett  which is roughly E. 116 to E. 154th. It was named after  Harriet Corlett, a Manx (Isle of Man, Ireland) immigrant and Cleveland Public Schools principal. Map:   Run 1 , Run 2 , Run 3 Distance This Section: 16.3 miles Distance So Far: 764.9 miles These beautiful homes on E. 147th were some of the nicest in all of my running in this section. Many of them were built in the 1930s and have the same homeowners for decades. According book Surrogate Suburbs: Black Upward Mobility and Neighborhood Change in Cleveland , Jesse Owens once lived on this street as well. A little further south in the Lee Seville neighborhood, Ohio's first Black mayor's lived on E. 147th ( Author Johnson , whose house is a city landmark). That's a lot of notable Black history for one city street. Here's another nice set on E. 153rd. These were built between 1930 and 1942 and several of