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Run #13: W. 85 to W. 65 South of Detroit, North of Madison

This run was through my own neighborhood. It includes portions of the W. Clinton and Franklin Boulevard historic districts as well as half of the heart of Gordon Square. Highlights included the Albert Hall Orchard & Garden  on Wakefield, the new LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland  on Detroit Ave, and dozens of the most beautiful and historic homes in Cleveland. Distance/Time: 4.4 miles l 39 mins 6 secs Total Distance/Time: 62.54 miles l 7 hours 55 mins 13 secs Strava Recording

Run #12: W. 48th to W. 38th South of Detroit, North of Lorain

This run started with an unexpected find of alleyway art by the  Sign Guy on Wheat Court behind crazy popular Cleveland Bagel , a winner on the 2016 CNBC reality show, Cleveland Hustles . The homes in this neighborhood are stately and historic and it was on this run that I felt like I was now fully entering the heart of the historic fabric of the near west side. Notable landmarks include the former Garrett Morgan High School; May Dugan Center, a service center named after the late May Dugan, a long-time resident of the neighborhood who had been a one-person advocate and counselor for her neighbors in need, comic book-themed Nick's Diner ; and the former Old Fashioned Hot Dogs shop ( RIP ). Distance/Time: 5.3 miles l 42 mins 14 secs Total Distance/Time: 58.14 miles l 7 hours 16 mins 7 secs Strava Recording

Run #11: W. 117 to W.107 Between Madison and Detroit

This micro neighborhood on the city's upper western border is largely a quiet-ish mix of residential and industrial. There are several notable local music spots such as the D.I.Y.-styled  Now That's Class , the carnival-themed  Funhouse , and the landmark Brothers Lounge . The southern edge has quite a bit of an industrial feel to it save for A Place For Us , a senior apartment complex for the LGBT community. The neighborhood is anchored by residential streets as well as a few educational institutions such as Hope Academy Northwest , one of the top-preforming elementary schools in Cleveland, and Positive Education Program , a school for children with severe mental health and behavioral challenges. I finished the run through a cool alley that had a lot of great graffiti art. Distance/Time: 2.9 miles l 23 minutes 43 seconds Total Distance/Time: 52.84 miles l 7 hours 16 minutes 7 seconds Strava Recording

Run #10: The West 80s & 90s A.K.A. Lake Park Neighborhood

This is small but interesting neighborhood. It's rough in sections but has a secluded charm about it. Along Lake Ave is a mix of residential, industrial and arts. It is also also home to one of my favorite near west neighborhood bars, McNamara's (I celebrated by 40th birthday there). My work has led to my involvement with Lake Ave Master Plan and the form-based zoning code work happening in this neighborhood. The neighborhood is also home to Lake Park (which is a small but has a swimming pool!) as well as the Lake Ave Bridge , build in 1914-15 and is one of the most heavily ornamented bridges in the country. Many of the homes in the neighborhood are large and there are numerous multi-family structures. Given its a ccess to both Gordon Square and Edgewater Park, this is a neighborhood which could see significant investment over the next 10 years . Distance/Time: 3.3 miles l 28 mins 26 seconds Total Distance/Time: 49.94 miles l 6 hours 52 mins 24 seconds Strava Recording

Run #9: W. 48 to W.45 Between Detroit and Lorain

While this was only 4 north-south streets, there were a number of smaller side streets in between which allowed me to reach my typical 5-mile mark. There were a number of beautiful modern homes mixed with older, stately ones. I assume I'll see more of this as I work my way through the W. 40s and 30s into Ohio CIty. Some notable locations included the award-winning Urban Community School , Forrest City Shuffleboard and the new Arsenal Cider House (from Pittsburgh), W. 47th Street Community Garden and the always busy Mason's Creamery (longest line I've ever seen was tonight, see photo). Distance/Time: 5 miles l 39:59 Total Distance/Time: 46.64 miles l 6:23:58      Strava Recording

Run #8: W. 58th to W. 50th Between Detroit and Lorain

This section is the heart of the eastern portion of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. It features places like the popular local music bar Happy Dog (named one of the Best Bars in America ), Saint Stephen Church (built in 1875 and whose  main altar won first prize at the Chicago World's Fair of 1893), Ithaca Court Community Garden , and the new Waverly Elementary School. Most of the streets have retained a beautiful tree-lined canopy but W. 50th, in particular, is striking. I also knocked out Bridge Ave and Bridge Place to W. 45th and snapped a photo of the typical long line at uber popular neighborhood ice cream (and wintertime ramen) shop, Mason's Creamery . While doing so, I got caught in a rainstorm but I got a nice rainbow photo out of it.  Distance/Time: 5.1 miles l 40:38 Total Distance/Time: 41.64 miles l 5:43:59 Strava Recording

Run #7: The Ecovillage +

Cleveland's Ecovillage district spans a 1/4th mile walk from the W. 65th-Lorain Ave RTA Rapid Station. It was founded in 1998 as  a community response to urban sprawl, disinvestment and environmental degradation.   You can read more about the Ecovillage  here . This portion of the neighborhood also includes the Fir Street Cemetery  which is the city's second oldest Jewish cemetery. Working my way north, I clipped a portion of the Franklin Blvd. - W. Clinton Historic District and part of Detroit Ave which includes Cleveland Public Theater . Distance/Time: 5 miles l 41:47 Total Distance/Time: 36:54 l 5:03:21 Strava Recording