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Run #10: The West 80s & 90s A.K.A. Lake Park Neighborhood

This is small but interesting neighborhood. It's rough in sections but has a secluded charm about it. Along Lake Ave is a mix of residential, industrial and arts. It is also also home to one of my favorite near west neighborhood bars, McNamara's (I celebrated by 40th birthday there). My work has led to my involvement with Lake Ave Master Plan and the form-based zoning code work happening in this neighborhood. The neighborhood is also home to Lake Park (which is a small but has a swimming pool!) as well as the Lake Ave Bridge, build in 1914-15 and is one of the most heavily ornamented bridges in the country. Many of the homes in the neighborhood are large and there are numerous multi-family structures. Given its access to both Gordon Square and Edgewater Park, this is a neighborhood which could see significant investment over the next 10 years.

Distance/Time: 3.3 miles l 28 mins 26 seconds
Total Distance/Time: 49.94 miles l 6 hours 52 mins 24 seconds