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North Collinwood: Part 2

 This is actually my second run of the North Collinwood neighborhood.  Over two years ago when I first started this project, my very first run was in this neighborhood as I thought I would work my way east to west (you can view that post here ). After realizing the enormity of this project after that run, I decided to head back to the west side so that, in the event I got burnt out, I would at least know the neighborhoods where I live and work. But I made it back to Collinwood. And here we go. Map: Run 1 , Run 2 Distance This Run: 11.5 miles Distance So Far: 593.6 miles Villa Angela-St. Joseph's High School  (18491 Lakeshore Blvd) began as Villa Angela Academy and was founded by the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland in 1878. It was the oldest Catholic institution of learning in the Diocese of Cleveland. For more than 110 years, the academy produced 6,000 graduates. St. Joseph High School was opened in September of 1950. The Bishop had asked the Society of Mary from Dayton, Ohio, to ad


  This was the final section run of the west side and it included the Hopkins neighborhood which is best known for being home to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  Formerly known as Riverside, the neighborhood is also the final of the four that make up West Park. Map: Run 1 , Run 2 , Run 3 Distance This Section:   12.6  miles Distance So Far: 582.1 miles The Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport was built in 1925 and is the country's first municipally-owned airport. It also was the first to use an air traffic control tower, airfield lighting and ground-to-air radio control. In 1968, it became the first US airport to connect directly to a rail transit system (RTA Red Line) to a downtown. It's Ohio's busiest airport, offering 115 non-stop flights to over 48 destinations and employs over 4,000. The airport's namesake is William Hopkins, the individual who championed the effort to have the airport built. This is Forestwood Ave, a now-paper street located nort