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Run: #30: Tremont - Part 4

This run was on the industrial eastern edge of Tremont mostly along W. 3rd, transitioning to Quigley Road and then to Steelyard Drive, south to Old Denison Road. Boundary: W. 3rd to Quigley to Steelyard Drive, South to Old Denison Road Notable locations: Steelyard Commons : This shopping center was created in 2007 on land that was the site of a former steel finishing mill (after much debate from the community and City Hall). In contains lots of national brand food and retail chains that you'd find in just about any suburb in America. However, it also contains the Steel Heritage Center, a 600-square-foot museum dedicated to Cleveland's industrial legacy. The Towpath Trail also runs along the eastern edge and the whole place is backdropped by an active steel mill and railyard. Midwest Railway Preservation Society : Parts of this run were in some pretty highly industrial, isolated areas. That's what made this find that much more special. Tucked away on the dead end portion of

Run #29: Tremont - Part 3

This run was through the southeast portion of Tremont. Boundary: W. 14th to Quigley Rd, North from I-490, South to Quigley Notable sights included: Hooper Farm : Tucked away on the dead end portion of W. 11th, the 1-acre urban farm is the oldest in Cleveland (1994) and is the brainchild of Eric Hooper , a truck driver by profession, who started it as a way to help pay for his daughter's school tuition. The farm eventually grew to become a program center for youth, ex-convicts and many others. A lifelong Clevelander, Hooper was named one of Cleveland's Most Interesting People in 2019 by Cleveland Magazine. Here's a great video interview with him about his farm. Clark Bar : No one knows exactly how old this iconic Cleveland dive bar is for certain but one thing most folks can agree on is that you can expect friendly and funny regulars, cheap drinks and a pretty good meal. And lots of stuffed monkeys on the wall. Lots of stuffed monkeys. A Christmas Story House : The Parker

Run #28: Tremont - Part 2

This was a continuation west through the heart of Tremont .  Boundary: W. 10th to W. 3rd, North from University Road, South to I-90 Notable sights included: Professor Ave : This is the main entertainment district in the neighborhood. It's also home to the annual Taste of Tremont event. It contains a heavy mix bars, restaurants, art shops, and retail spaces (as does it's side streets). Too many to mention. Michael Symon's first restaurant - Lola - opened on this street in 1997 (but sadly closed last year after a fire). There's also St. John Cantius Church , one of the first Polish churches in the city.  Tremont Community Development Organization , formed in 1979 to serve as the neighborhood's revitalization non-profit, is also located on the street. Jefferson Branch Library : Opened in 1918 and designed to possibly double as a commercial or factory space if needed back in the day. There's also two noteworthy pieces of art. One is the  Out of the Past, the Presen