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Run #28: Tremont - Part 2

This was a continuation west through the heart of Tremont

Boundary: W. 10th to W. 3rd, North from University Road, South to I-90

Notable sights included:

  • Professor Ave: This is the main entertainment district in the neighborhood. It's also home to the annual Taste of Tremont event. It contains a heavy mix bars, restaurants, art shops, and retail spaces (as does it's side streets). Too many to mention. Michael Symon's first restaurant - Lola - opened on this street in 1997 (but sadly closed last year after a fire). There's also St. John Cantius Church, one of the first Polish churches in the city. Tremont Community Development Organization, formed in 1979 to serve as the neighborhood's revitalization non-profit, is also located on the street.
  • St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral: Opened in 1913 and funded in part by Nicholas II whose entire family was murdered during the Revolution of 1917. It's was used for many scene's in 1978's academy award winning film, The Deer Hunter.
  • Tremont Montessori School: Build in 1917 considered to be the largest elementary school in the state at the time, it converted to a Montessori school in 2005 and was named a national finalist for Best Urban School. It's fate is unknown as a final verdict as to whether to rebuild or renovate has yet to be announced.
  • Union Gospel Press Building: Home to what was to be Cleveland University in the 1850s. Over the next 160+ years, it served as a prepatory school for disabled Union soldiers; a homeopathic hospital college; the home of the largest producer of religious materials in the world; a thermo electrical company; a lithography school; a church; a rooming house; a failed artists colony; and, finally, a modern apartment building (of course) with a very cool basement bar, The Spotted Owl.
  • Towpath Trail - Stage 4: This important connecting piece of the trail is nearly completed and will connect the new-ish Tremont Park/Steelyard Commons section to the Scranton Peninsula, Merwin's Warf, and Canal Basin Park. It's also passes by some of the neighborhood's high end development, like the new Electric Gardens.
Distance This Run: 6.2 miles   Total Distance So Far: 133.8 miles

Strava Recording (I did run all the streets by my phone died on the last stretch)

St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Façade of the Tremont Montessori School

New development on W. 9th

Lucky Park on Starkweather Ave (cool lights in the trees at night)

Historic home on Professor

The popular Lucky's Cafe

Jefferson Branch Library

Street art on Jefferson Ave.

Jefferson & Tremont

Tremont West Development Corporation headquarters

St. John Cantius Church

Professor Ave streetscape art

The longest staircase in Cleveland?

Community garden on W. 6th

W. 5th Street

New bridge for Stage 4 of the Towpath trail

Electric Gardens (under construction)

Tremont Lofts (formerly the Union Gospel Press building)