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Run #29: Tremont - Part 3

This run was through the southeast portion of Tremont.

Boundary: W. 14th to Quigley Rd, North from I-490, South to Quigley

Notable sights included:

  • Hooper Farm: Tucked away on the dead end portion of W. 11th, the 1-acre urban farm is the oldest in Cleveland (1994) and is the brainchild of Eric Hooper, a truck driver by profession, who started it as a way to help pay for his daughter's school tuition. The farm eventually grew to become a program center for youth, ex-convicts and many others. A lifelong Clevelander, Hooper was named one of Cleveland's Most Interesting People in 2019 by Cleveland Magazine. Here's a great video interview with him about his farm.
  • Clark Bar: No one knows exactly how old this iconic Cleveland dive bar is for certain but one thing most folks can agree on is that you can expect friendly and funny regulars, cheap drinks and a pretty good meal. And lots of stuffed monkeys on the wall. Lots of stuffed monkeys.
  • A Christmas Story House: The Parker family home in the 1983 holiday classic is easily the biggest neighborhood attraction. Thousands visit each year for a photo or tour of the house and museum (or even a stay if you have the cash). But it wasn't always that way. In 2004, San Deigo entrepreneur Brian Jones purchased the home on Ebay for $150,000 and spent another $240,000 to gut the structure, reconfigure it to a single-family dwelling, transform it into a near-replica of the movie set, and restore the exterior to its appearance in the film. And a piece of Americana was saved.

  • Rowley Inn: Just cattycorner from the Christmas Story House is one of Cleveland's oldest and best bars, the Rowley Inn. Established in 1906, it's served shifts of millworkers for over a century (not to mention the cast of A Christmas Story during production). The bar/restaurant has newer and younger ownership but they've done a great job weaving tradition with modern flavor. Speaking of flavor, the place serves up some of the best Cleveland-centric food you'll find in the city.

Distance This Run: 4.3 miles  l Total Distance So Far: 138.1 miles

Strava Recording

A Christmas Story House

Yard décor on W. 14th

Garage art on Noyes Court

Terrapin Coffee

Neighborhood wayfinding signage

One of many gorgeous homes on W. 14th

Painted boards on rare vacant home

Original light posts on a structure on W. 14th

Rowley Inn, Est. 1906

W. 11th Street

Clark Field Wetlands & Towpath Trail

Hooper Farm

Intersection of Clark & W. 12th

Clark Bar, one of Cleveland's best and oldest dive bars

W. 13th Street

New development on W. 12th Street