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Run 64: Jefferson - Part 4

  This was the fourth and final section run of the  Jefferson  neighborhood, which is one of four neighborhoods that make up  West Park . I did this run between snow storms. So, the photos probably aren't the most flattering of the area but as someone who works during the day and is working on a Ph.D at night, I have to get the runs in when I can. The boundary for this run was W. 140th (east) to W. 150th (west) and from Lorain Ave (north) to I-71 (south). Distance This Section : 8.4 miles Distance So Far : 454.2 miles Strava : Run 1   (Note: I missed W. 154th and Mission St on the initial run but went back and completed them later in the week). Welcome To West Park Alpha Packaging  (14801 Emery St.)  manufactures plastic bottles and jars for nutritional, pharmaceutical and food companies. The origin of the business dates back to the late 1960s in St. Louis but things really took off when owner Dave Spence took over the company in 1985 and began to focus exclusively on bottling. The