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Run 61: Jefferson - Part 1

  This was the first run of the Jefferson neighborhood, which is one of four neighborhoods that make up West Park. Jefferson was originally part of Rockport Township (est. 1819). In 1900, West Park was carved out of Rockport and was eventually annexed by Cleveland in 1923 who divided the area into four neighborhoods. It has a population of 16,000 residents, with 58% white; 18% Hispanic-Latino; 18% African American and; 3% Asian. There is also a significant immigrant population from the Middle East, Latin America, Romania and Southeast Asia. The boundary from this run was W. 117th (east) to RTA West Park Station (west) and from Berea Road (north) to Lorain Ave (south). Distance This Section : 16.3 miles Distance So Far : 417.2 miles Strava : Run 1 , Run 2 Mohican Park is a 25-acre recreation area offering multiple ballfields, basketball courts and a pretty decent playground. Bar Cle  (13560 Lorain Ave) is a classic neighborhood sports bar featuring cheap drinks, pool tables and above a

Run 60: West Boulevard - Part 4

  This was the third section run of the  West Boulevard  neighborhood. The boundary for this run was Lorain Ave (north) to Linndale (south) and from West Boulevard (east) to W. 117th (west). Distance This Section : 14.3 miles Distance So Far : 400.9 miles Strava: Run 1 , Run 2 Westside Community School of the Arts  (3727 Bosworth Ave) opened in 2007 and serves about 300 students. Several students have won national awards for their artwork with some being featured in the Cleveland Hopkins International airport. Countryman's Creek is a tributary within the Big Creek watershed. This is close to its northern origin point. Rumor has it that back in the day, Swedish immigrants living next to the creek constructed saunas in their backyards and would take cool dips in the water after. Built in 1926,  Bosworth Road Presbyterian Church offered its  last worship service on Sunday, August 05, 2007. However, the building survived as it is now home to the  First Cleveland Spanish Seventh-day Adv