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Run 59: West Boulevard - Part 3

This was the third section run of the West Boulevard neighborhood.

The boundary for this run was I-90 (north) to Parkhurst Ave (south) and from West Boulevard (east) to W. 117th (west).

Distance This Section: 9.9 miles

Distance So Far: 386.6 miles

Strava: Run 1, Run 2, Run 3

St. Ignatius of Antioch Parish & School (10205 Lorain Ave) was established in 1902 and the current church and school were built between 1925-1930. It's known for it's iconic bell tower which, at 210 feet in height, makes the church the second tallest in Cleveland. St. Ignatius elementary school was founded in 1904, with the first school being built in 1917. The current building was built in the 1950s. It serves over 300 students with both religious and non-religious backgrounds.

A shot from the rear of St. Ignatius, a massive an cavernous venue.

A statue of St. Ignatius of Antioch, who was sentenced to death in the Roman Colosseum and was eaten by lions in the year 110. It's said he went joyfully. To each their own.

Entrance to St. Ignatius school from Ignatius Drive.

Westown Community Development Corporation (10313 Lorain Ave) was established in 1994. Their goal is to "promote neighborhood revitalization and long-term stability in the Westown service area (Cleveland’s Ward 11) through the development and implementation of public benefit programs, residential and commercial rehabilitation, neighborhood planning and community engagement."

Vibe Bar + Patio (11633 Lorain Ave) is a cozy and contemporary bar with a heated patio. It's a gay bar but all are welcome.

Established in 1991, the Arab American Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) strives "to promote a better understanding of the Arabic culture and the integration of Arab Americans into the mainstream of American life." They also offer services such as immigration paperwork assistance, language translation, English as a Second Language classes, refugee assimilation assistance, government services navigation, and voter registration. It is located in an area of the neighborhood called Little Arabia. 

Green Thumb Florist (11519 Lorain Ave) is a family-owned business serving the greater Cleveland area. This is their one location but they offer same-day delivery. This was probably one of the worst days I could have taken a photo of their nursery but the runs happen when they happen.

Cleveland Christian Home (11401 Lorain Ave) is a behavioral health center for kids. It's one of the only such places in Cleveland with an intensive treatment center.

Dimitri's Family Restaurant (10945 Lorain Ave) is straightforward restaurant with a retro vibe serving breakfast fare, burgers & homestyle American mains.

Chance of snow was 17%

Cleveland Karate Institute (11500 Lorain Ave) is part of a regional martial arts association that welcomes various styles to its tournament and events. It's centered primarily in the Detroit and Cleveland area and does charitable work with Make-A-Wish.

Almadina Imported Foods (11550 Lorain Ave) is a Middle Eastern supermarket. This Google Review pretty much sums it up: "Awesome products from all over the world, not only Middle East. Fresh local produce. They have their own grilled goods, everything you can imagine. The owners are friendly, attentive and lovely."

This bronze walrus statue stands outside Cleveland Public Library’s Eastman Branch. Known affectionately as “Wally,” the sculpture has presided over Eastman since 1980.

China Star is a locally owned shop tucked away off W. 117th Street and prides itself on it's modern interpretations of classic Chinese dishes.

Mofongo Cleveland (11604 Lorain Ave) is a Latin Fusion restaurant. Not surprisingly, their signature food item is the monfongo, a Puerto Rican dish with fried plantains as its main ingredient. The plantains are picked green and fried, then mashed with salt, garlic, broth, and olive oil in a wooden pilón. This was my post-run meal.

Original street pavers on Arden Ave.

Auto conjuring on W. 103rd.

The award for best business sign in this section.

Points for boldness and putting a smile on my face on the run by.

Can Do Neon Sign Shop (3295 W. 105th) is owned by Craig Alan Nichols and has been in the business for over 30 years.

Free pool every Monday at Weeks End Tavern on W. 105th

Fall meets Winter on Almira Ave.

A sample of housing typology on Fidelity Ave.

RIP Service Cleaners (1972-2021)

Coolest house I saw (somewhere on W. Blvd). (The cold blurred my camera lens).

The Clifton/West Boulevard Historic District includes Clifton Boulevard from West 117th to Lake Avenue, and West Boulevard from Edgewater to the City limits in the south. This area was designated as a historic district based on the architectural quality and character of its residential architecture and because the area was laid out in accordance with the principles of the City Beautiful Movement that guided the development of several Cleveland neighborhoods in the early 1900s.

This cool wedge-type commercial building was built in 1920 at the intersection of W. 105th and Parkhurst Drive. It's currently home to the Cleveland Belief Center.

Built in 1933, Wilber Wright Elementary School (11005 Parkhurst Drive) is a PreK-8 school serving nearly 500 students with a curriculum that focuses on literacy and family involvement in children's education. The school received a $15 million makeover in 2018. Home of the Flyers.

The Cleveland Public Library - Eastman Branch (11602 Lorain Ave) has been serving the community since 1947. The current building opened in 1980 and offers a big collection of books & movies, plus events & classes. In fact, it's one of the most attended and highest circulating branches in the system. The branch was named in honor of Linda Anne Eastman, who served as Head Librarian of Cleveland Public Library from 1918-1938 and was the first woman to lead a large public library system. The building features a mural of the Cudell neighborhood titled Universal (by artist Peter Paul Dubaniewicz). The branch will soon undergo a multi-million renovation starting in December 2021. You can read more about that here.

Ariana's Homemade Rugs and Clothes (11424 Lorain Ave) sell high-quality imported handmade and antique rugs, clothes, Waskat, wedding dresses, shoes, decorations, incense, perfumes, and jewelry.

Westown Square Shopping Plaza (1950 Lorain Ave) was constructed in 1987, on the site of a  former beloved Sears department store (good editorial here regarding those memories). It now mostly has a mix of your typical low-budget retail outlets and fast food chains. However, probably the coolest thing about this strip plaza is that it's the home of Phil's Hotdogs, a hot dog cart that has been operating for years out front on the sidewalk. Order the Polish Boy, the Cleveland classic.

Jamaican Signature Restaurant (3312 W. 105th) offers authentic Jamaican cuisine with big portions for the money. If you're a carnivore, Yelp reviewers like the goat curry.

Not pictured but notable:

Rise Above Cafe (10400 Lorain Ave) is a recovery based social club. They stay open late and offer regular sobriety meetings and other resources to those in need.

Tienda Central Hispana (11210 Lorain Ave) is a Mexican grocery store with a great product selection, hot foods, and really strong online reviews all around.