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Run 60: West Boulevard - Part 4

 This was the third section run of the West Boulevard neighborhood.

The boundary for this run was Lorain Ave (north) to Linndale (south) and from West Boulevard (east) to W. 117th (west).

Distance This Section: 14.3 miles

Distance So Far: 400.9 miles

Strava: Run 1, Run 2

Westside Community School of the Arts (3727 Bosworth Ave) opened in 2007 and serves about 300 students. Several students have won national awards for their artwork with some being featured in the Cleveland Hopkins International airport.

Countryman's Creek is a tributary within the Big Creek watershed. This is close to its northern origin point. Rumor has it that back in the day, Swedish immigrants living next to the creek constructed saunas in their backyards and would take cool dips in the water after.

Built in 1926, Bosworth Road Presbyterian Church offered its last worship service on Sunday, August 05, 2007. However, the building survived as it is now home to the First Cleveland Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church.

West Town Village Market Arabian Shop (3645 W. 117th St.) was established in 2012 by two cousins from Cleveland, Fahim and Fahed. Most of their products are purchased from local vendors in Ohio or Michigan. Folks like their hot prepared food section. Some are also impressed by unique items such as Peruvian cucumbers.

The first large group of Albanians to settle in the Greater Cleveland area arrived in the early 1900s. Many of these first families took up residence on the southwest side of Cleveland and Linndale, specifically in and around the area of West 117th Street and West Blvd. In 1938, the Albanian community came together to buy a parcel of land located at 10716 Jasper Avenue, and in 1953 were able to build and establish the Parish of St. Epremte Albanian Orthodox Church. In 1964, after using the original hall as a church and a social center, this "new" church (pictured above) was built as an addition to the existing structure.

On Briggs Road, there are a series of small, individualized light manufacturing buildings. This one built in the 1970s was the coolest.

May peace be with you on Jasper Ave.

Bosworth Tavern (3655 Bosworth Road is go-to neighborhood bar in this part of West Boulevard. From Google Reviews: "A diverse crowd in an historical local neighborhood, awesome pull tab games, 5 dart boards, a nice big patio, diamond pool table, super cheap drinks, keno, queen of hearts. A place to stop in and have a great time! Diversity at its finest. Always a good time. Welcoming and fun! Drama free environment and an awesome staff! Fun events."

Louis Agassiz Elementary School (3595 Boswell Road) is a CMSD school founded in 1929 and serving over 280+ PreK through 8th grade students. It's named after Louis Agassiz who was a Swiss biologist that made significant contributions to zoology and geology but was also a creationist who denied the theory of evolution and believed in the idea that the human races consisted of different species, a theory that aided in the justification of slavery at the time. In 2020, members of City Council asked CMSD to change the name of the school.

Easily one of the coolest front yard displays I've come across in all of my running.

West Denison Baseball League began in 1955 when a few men organized of team of 28 boys who played alternately in whatever pickup games they could schedule. A group of fathers realized that they had hit on something and in 1956 voted to organize a league structure of four teams. It's been going strong every since, offering a full summer of athletic activity which includes Tee Ball for boys and girls ages 4 thru 6, Coach Pitch Baseball for boys and girls ages 7 thru 9, Baseball for Boys and Fast Pitch Softball for girls beginning at age 10 thru 18. Additionally, they offer a Slow Pitch Softball program designed for children and adults with developmental disabilities. The league even produced a major leaguer in Alex Lavisky who was drafted, coincidently, by the Cleveland Indians in 2010.

Dragon Light (3537 W. 105th Street) has been a neighborhood staple for over 30 years. From a serious Yelp reviewer: "Dragon Light is one of those places you hope to find in your's a tiny hole-in-the-wall staffed by people who barely speak English, but who can totally rock your world with their food. This is the best Chinese in the city. No bull. Their hot-and-sour soup is divine. Their curry chicken (my personal fav) is beyond description."

El Cibao Cle (3557 W. 117th St.) is a Dominican restaurant. From Google Reviews: "This is an excellent version of a local restaurant making choices that are for their local people. Dominican cuisine, served as you might get it in the Dominican Republic." Fun fact: El Cibao, is named for an actual region in the Dominican Republic.

Thrush Park (3573 W. 107th St.) is a 7.6 acre City of Cleveland park featuring 4 baseball diamonds, basketball court and a playground. A former nearby Dominos Pizza use to give away a free pizza if you hit their building with a homerun ball.

Mega Mart, home of genuine broasted chicken (a form of pressure cooking invented in the 1950s). Just look for the giant rooster on W. 117th. 

The Lindy apartment building on Bosworth Road.

A close runner-up for best yard display.

Hylan Dental Care (3447 W. 117th) is a firm with three locations in the Cleveland area. Their business slogan is "We Cater to Cowards!"

HQ's Lounge (3349 W. 117th St) is a night club founded in 2013 with a pretty interesting façade and plenty of dart boards.

There are a number of large, brick-lined streets in this section of West Boulevard.

Pupuseria La Bendicion (3685 W. 105th St) is a Salvadorian restaurant in a non-descript strip plaza offering some of Cleveland's best pupusas, tacos and more. The reviews are very strong. As a result, expect wait times for your food but it's totally worth it. This dish featuring eggs, queso, mole sauce, grilled plantains, jalapeno slaw, and a jalapeno and cheese pupusas was phenomenal.

The ladies of Pupuseria La Bendicion cooking up lunch orders.