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Run #33: Clark Fulton - Part 2

The boundary for this run was north from Train Ave south to Clark Ave and east from W. 25th to west at W. 44th. This is also the northern portion of La Villa Hispana  which is experiencing a recent  boom in development . Notable locations: St. Mary's Cemetery : Opened in 1855, this historic cemetery holds over 14,600 internments on 7 acres of land. It is now managed by Holy Cross Cemetery. Cleveland Fire Station #24 : Located on the corner of W. 44th & Clark Ave and built in 1894, this station is referred to by fire fighters as the "Wild Wild West". Ceska Sin Sokol Hall : Built in 1890 and acquired by in 1907 the Czech community, this hall served as a powerhouse for gymnastics in northeast Ohio. Hildebrandt Building : This 160,000 square foot building began as a family owned meat processing firm back in the late 1800’s and continued through the 1970s. Today it is a hub for local artists and food entrepreneurs who live within city limits. One of its notable tenants is

Run No. 32: Clark Fulton - Part 1

This run was the start of my trek through the Clark Fulton neighborhood. The boundary included: North: Train Ave South: Vega Ave East: W. 25th West: Train Ave/Vega Ave intersection Notable locations: Platform Brewing Production Facility : Created in 2016, this is the production facility for one of Cleveland's most well known craft breweries. It's the former bottling facility of the old  Leisy Brewing Co. which dates back to 1873 and was one of the longest surviving family-operated breweries in America when it closed in 1959. St. Joseph Commons : A permanent supportive housing complex built in 2017 by the organization Front Steps. It replaced it's former facility a mile up the road on W. 25th near Irishtown Bend. Club Alma Yaucana : F ounded in June of 1961 and is considered the first and oldest Puerto Rican social club in the city. For years, it hosted Coffee Fest which was considered one of the best neighborhood events in the city. BVQ Lofts : Former home to the J. Spang

Run #31: Tremont - Part 5

This run was the southwestern part of Tremont and my final portion of the neighborhood. Boundary: W. 25th to W. 16th, North from Wade Ave, South to Valentine Ave Notable locations: Scranton Cemetery : This cemetery was founded in 1823 and was annexed by the City of Cleveland in 1895. It's one of the 10 cemeteries owned by the City. Tremont Animal Clinic : This clinic opened in 2014 and features five animal doctors. 2207 Seymour Ave : This is the site of home of the horrific kidnapping of three young women by Ariel Castro, who held them captive and brutally assaulted them for roughly 10 years. All three victims escaped in 2013 and Castro killed himself in prison. The house has since been demolished. In fact, the entire property has been wiped off of Google Street View. A mural of victim Gina DeJesus was completed on nearby Castle Ave in Fall 2020. Cleveland Public Library - South Branch : This historic library opened on June 12, 1911 and is one of Cleveland's original Carnegie