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Run #31: Tremont - Part 5

This run was the southwestern part of Tremont and my final portion of the neighborhood.

Boundary: W. 25th to W. 16th, North from Wade Ave, South to Valentine Ave

Notable locations:

  • Scranton Cemetery: This cemetery was founded in 1823 and was annexed by the City of Cleveland in 1895. It's one of the 10 cemeteries owned by the City.
  • Tremont Animal Clinic: This clinic opened in 2014 and features five animal doctors.
  • 2207 Seymour Ave: This is the site of home of the horrific kidnapping of three young women by Ariel Castro, who held them captive and brutally assaulted them for roughly 10 years. All three victims escaped in 2013 and Castro killed himself in prison. The house has since been demolished. In fact, the entire property has been wiped off of Google Street View. A mural of victim Gina DeJesus was completed on nearby Castle Ave in Fall 2020.
  • Cleveland Public Library - South Branch: This historic library opened on June 12, 1911 and is one of Cleveland's original Carnegie libraries. It features a striking stone façade, English Gothic architecture, and Tudor interior, inspired by Hoghton Tower in Lancashire, England. It was built by the same architect who designed Tufts College in Massachusetts. After nearly a century of service, it was closed in 2013 due to disrepair. However, it was totally renovated in 2018 and now also features modern library features and services (including in-house guitar rental). More history here.
  • St. Michael Archangel Church: Built in 1892, it is the first Catholic church in Cleveland. The original sandstone was mined in Berea and it was the largest building in the city until 1922. It primarily served German immigrants has now become the center for Hispanic culture in Cleveland. The nearby and equally stunning St. Michael's School operated from the early 1900s to 2003 when it was then sold by the Diocese. It eventually became vacant but was purchased by CHN Housing partners in 2020 who plans to covert it to a senior housing facility
  • Zubal Books: Established in 1961, Zubal's is America's largest seller of scholarly, obscure and out-of-print books. They have over 3 million books in their inventory. The 300,000 sq foot warehouse next door was a Twinkie factory and there are still pipes filled with the sugary filling the building. On the top floor is a penthouse apartment virtually stuck in the 1950s. Zubal's occasionally use it for parties but have not changed a thing. Anthony Bourdain visited the Zubal's with Harvey Pekar during the filming of his 2007 'No Reservations' episode on Cleveland (and licked filling from one of the Twinkie pipes).
  • USCRI- Cleveland: A refugee resettlement center with roots dating back to 1916. Over the past 40 years, over 3,700 refugees have resettled in Cleveland. 
  • Aragon Ballroom: Built in 1905, it originally was a indoor roller rink which closed due to a fire in 1929. The Meyers family converted it into the biggest ballroom in Cleveland in 1933, originally naming it Shadyside Gardens. The named changed to Aragon in 1937 (named after a famous Chicago ballroom). Over the years, some of the biggest names in big band era played there. The ballroom closed in 1989 but has recently been renovated. Follow the progress on the Facebook page.
  • El Tanio: Latin American restaurant with some killer empanadas.
  • Dickey's Lanes: This old-school bowling alley opened in 1915 and has been owned and operated by the new owners since 1946. It's the last remaining bowling alley on the West Side. A true gem. More here.
  • Louis Munoz Marin School: A Cleveland MSD dual language school for pre-8th grade. Also in the neighborhood is Buhrer Dual Language Academy, the first dual language school in Ohio (and also CMSD).
Total distance this run: 8.2 miles l Total distance so far: 152.5 miles

St. Michael Archangel Church

Scranton Ave

Aragon Ballroom

Prame Court

Clark Ave

El Taino Restaurant

Neighborhood mural

Zubal Books

Tremont Animal Clinic


Scranton Cemetery on Wade Ave

Cleveland Public Library - South Branch

Gina DeJesus mural on Castle Ave.

Dickey's Lanes

Post-run empanadas from El Taino

Brainard Ave

Home on W. 17th

Pedestrian bridge on Buhrer Ave

Mural on house, Holmden Ave

Scranton Bible Church (built 1874)

Community garden on W. 17th.

Luis Munoz Martin dual language school