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Run #44: Old Brooklyn - Part 4

  This was the fourth section run of the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. The boundary for this run was Woburn Ave (north) to Biddulph Rd (south) and from W. 58th Street (west) to Pearl Road (east). Notable locations included: James Ford Rhodes High School : The school opened in 1932 and was named after a local industrialist and historian. The land it sits on was once part of nearby Lutheran Cemetery. It's auditorium was built as part of the New Deal. Notable alumni include comedian/actor/ Price Is Right host Drew Carey, 1944 Heisman Trophy winner Les Horvath, and poet d.a. levy. Also, Jesse Owens liked to workout on the Rhodes track, and after winning the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany, he was presented several oak tree saplings by Adolph Hitler. During a football game in 1936, Jesse Owens dedicated one of the trees from the Black Forest of Germany to Rhodes High School. The tree still stands in the courtyard in back of the south football stands. Given that the

Run #43: Old Brooklyn - Part 3

  This was the third section run of the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. The boundary for this run included Memphis Ave (north) to Woburn Ave (south) and from W. 66th (west) to Pearl Road (east). Notable locations included: Opal On Pearl : New-ish wine and local craft beer spot was once home to Drink, a popular neighborhood watering hole. The new spot is owned Tony Mellon, a veteran in the local food and drink industry. He and his wife moved to the neighborhood from Tremont nearly 15 years ago. Nice bonus: the shop sources its cheese from the Old Brooklyn Cheese Company. Mr. E's Inn : Classic neighborhood bar with an extensive burger menu and, interestingly, an ice cream parlor-type menu, too. Sixth City Cycles : Hip bicycle shop that specializes on modernizing vintage bikes. The store also sells an extensive array of tropical indoor plants. The building - the old Atlas Furniture Building - is also home to the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation which totally renovated the

Run #42: Old Brooklyn - Part 2

  This was the second run of the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. It featured the sub-neighborhood of Brookside. This was a large section so I broke it up into two runs. The boundary for the combined run included Ridgeview Road (north) to Memphis Ave (south) and from Ridge Road (west) to Fulton Parkway (east). Notable locations included: Brookside Reservation : Per the Cleveland Metroparks: "Brookside Reservation was one of the City of Cleveland's oldest neighborhood parks before its acquisition by Cleveland Metroparks in 1993. The land was purchased in 1894 and has been a center for recreation since the early 1900s. Still a recreation hub, the area now boasts baseball and soccer/football fields. The 132-acre reservation serves as a refuge for diverse wildlife in an urban setting. It is also an attractive spot for area picnickers and a resting site for walkers, cyclists and others who use the All Purpose Trail. This reservation connects to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo." Estabrook