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Run 47: Old Brooklyn - Part 7

  This was the seventh section run of the Old Brooklyn neighborhood.  The boundaries for this run were Portman Ave (north) to Brookpark Road (south) and from State Road (west) to Broadview Road (east). Notable locations included: Brooklyn Seventh Day Adventist Church : Historically, this was Cleveland's second SDA chapter with the first being the mother church Hough Ave on the east side (1908). German immigrants began worshipping at this site starting in 1955. The church switched to English-speaking services which allowed for a more sustainable congregation base over the years. Shade Nightclub : Located at 4693 State Rd, this LGBTQIA+ nightclub recently celebrated two years in business. From one Google Reviews: "The owner and staff are very friendly, sweet and fun...I always meet people, have nice conversations, play music, and have a great time. One time one of the male bartenders did my make- looked great." Leeza Spiritualist : Master Spiritualist Leeza can do

Run #46: Old Brooklyn - Part 6

  This was the sixth section run of the Old Brooklyn  neighborhood. The boundary included Pearl Road (north and west) to Brookpark Road (south) and State Road (east). Notable locations included: Cleveland Library - South Brooklyn Branch : According to CPL: " Originally located on the corner of Pearl and Devonshire, the first site for the South Brooklyn Branch was built with Carnegie funds and belonged to the independent South Brooklyn Village. When the village annexed to Cleveland, the building was turned over to the Cleveland Library Board. In 1936, a former bank building was bought, remodeled, and expanded to house the branch. In 1979, Cleveland Public Library opened a new 10,200-square-foot building. A 1980 sculpture by Carl Floyd, which consists of two sandstone arcs standing approximately ten feet tall, is located on the north side of the building on the corner of Pearl and State Roads. The branch offers a Kids CafĂ© in partnership with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank to provi