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Run #42: Old Brooklyn - Part 2

 This was the second run of the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. It featured the sub-neighborhood of Brookside. This was a large section so I broke it up into two runs.

The boundary for the combined run included Ridgeview Road (north) to Memphis Ave (south) and from Ridge Road (west) to Fulton Parkway (east).

Notable locations included:

Brookside Reservation: Per the Cleveland Metroparks: "Brookside Reservation was one of the City of Cleveland's oldest neighborhood parks before its acquisition by Cleveland Metroparks in 1993. The land was purchased in 1894 and has been a center for recreation since the early 1900s. Still a recreation hub, the area now boasts baseball and soccer/football fields. The 132-acre reservation serves as a refuge for diverse wildlife in an urban setting. It is also an attractive spot for area picnickers and a resting site for walkers, cyclists and others who use the All Purpose Trail. This reservation connects to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo."

Estabrook Recreation Center: This City of Cleveland recreation center features an indoor pool, sauna, gym, community meeting room and outdoor playground. There's also a pretty sweet twisty blue water slide which I'm sure the kids love. The plaza is named after Ella M. Estabrook who was a prominent women in the neighborhood's civic affairs and is buried in Brookmere Cemetery.

Memphis Fulton Shopping Center: This shopping plaza on Fulton Parkway has 30 commercial spaces with a wide variety, from local bars/restaurants to a bank to retail to a health center. Across the street is Fulton Plaza, a smaller but similar shopping plaza.

Pizza Joe's & Deli: This no-frills pizza shop has served the neighborhood since 1981 (not be be confused with the Pizza Joe's franchise in the Mahoning Valley). Since they are celebrating their 40 year anniversary this year, I made this my post-run meal. Had a homemade meatball sub which was pretty damn good! 

Distance This Run: 10.8 miles

Distance So Far: 225 miles

Strava Recording 1

Strava Recording 2

Approaching Ridge Road

Big Creek in Brookside Reservation

Entrance to Brookside Reservation on Ridge Road

Some of the many beautiful homes on the many beautiful streets of Brookside

Japanese Association of NE Ohio cherry tree

Tree-lined streets on John Nagy Blvd during a misty rain

Ridge Road

Memphis Bakery

Kenny's Tavern in the Memphis Fulton Shopping Center

W. 48th Street

American Legion Hall on Memphis Ave

Entrance to Meadow Ridge Picnic Area in Brookside Reservation

Estabrook Recreation Center & Park

Memphis Tavern

Homemade meatball sub from Pizza Joe's & Deli (Happy 40th!)