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Run No. 32: Clark Fulton - Part 1

This run was the start of my trek through the Clark Fulton neighborhood. The boundary included:

  • North: Train Ave
  • South: Vega Ave
  • East: W. 25th
  • West: Train Ave/Vega Ave intersection

Notable locations:

  • Platform Brewing Production Facility: Created in 2016, this is the production facility for one of Cleveland's most well known craft breweries. It's the former bottling facility of the old Leisy Brewing Co. which dates back to 1873 and was one of the longest surviving family-operated breweries in America when it closed in 1959.
  • St. Joseph Commons: A permanent supportive housing complex built in 2017 by the organization Front Steps. It replaced it's former facility a mile up the road on W. 25th near Irishtown Bend.
  • Club Alma Yaucana: Founded in June of 1961 and is considered the first and oldest Puerto Rican social club in the city. For years, it hosted Coffee Fest which was considered one of the best neighborhood events in the city.
  • BVQ Lofts: Former home to the J. Spang Baking Co. (est. 1909), this 4-block long complex was renovated into a $18 million, 69-unit apartment building in 2019 as is one of Clark Fulton's first market rate development projects in recent history.
Distance This Run: 3 miles l Total Distance So Far: 155.5 miles

Strava Recording

Platform Brewing Production Facility propaganda

Intersection of W. 30th & Train Ave

St. Joseph Commons

Horizon Education Center on W. 25th

Former site of Metalcrete, an early 20th Century industrial flooring pioneer

Little Free Library on Barber Ave.

BVQ Lofts, former home of J. Spang Baking Co.

Old facility on Barber Court

Platform Brewing production facility

Snowy Barber Court

Memorial under a bridge overpass on Train Ave.

Train Ave.

Vega Ave.