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Run 64: Jefferson - Part 4

 This was the fourth and final section run of the Jefferson neighborhood, which is one of four neighborhoods that make up West Park.

I did this run between snow storms. So, the photos probably aren't the most flattering of the area but as someone who works during the day and is working on a Ph.D at night, I have to get the runs in when I can.

The boundary for this run was W. 140th (east) to W. 150th (west) and from Lorain Ave (north) to I-71 (south).

Distance This Section: 8.4 miles
Distance So Far: 454.2 miles
Strava: Run 1 (Note: I missed W. 154th and Mission St on the initial run but went back and completed them later in the week).

Welcome To West Park

Alpha Packaging (14801 Emery St.) manufactures plastic bottles and jars for nutritional, pharmaceutical and food companies. The origin of the business dates back to the late 1960s in St. Louis but things really took off when owner Dave Spence took over the company in 1985 and began to focus exclusively on bottling. The Cleveland plant (above) is one of 8 such plants but it's the company's largest.

Wood Dimensions/Rocksolid Surfaces (4031 W. 150th) is a custom woodwork and granite countertop surface provider. They have been in business since 1979.

American Train Dispatchers Association (4239 W. 150th) is an AFL-CIO-affiliated union representing employees in the nation’s railroad industry who operate/dispatch trains, and supply the electric power for those railroads which use electricity for train-related purposes. This union was founded in 1917, in Spokane, Washington but Cleveland is now the international headquarters.

Terminal Park (14518 St. James Ave) was established in 1943 and is a 5.1 acre City park featuring two baseball diamonds and a playground. It's also home to area Little League play is the practice field for the John Marshall HS football team.

Hands across the W. 143rd bridge which links the Jefferson and Bellaire Puritas neighborhoods.

One of the cooler houses I discovered. This was somewhere between W. 143rd and W. 150th.

John Marshall School of Engineering & Information Technology & Civic and Business Leadership (3942 W. 140th Street) is a 9-12 CMSD school originally established in 1932: Civic and Business students to work in one of our onsite businesses including the
Lawyers Café Coffee Shop & JM Apparel while also participating in community projects. Engineering students can specialize in Aerospace Engineering; Civil Engineering and Architecture; or Environmental Sustainability. 
The IT school is the first in the State of Ohio to focus on Computer Science. The orginal 1932 school was torn down and a new school was constructed in 2015.

Garfield Elementary School (3800 W. 140th St.) is one of CMSD’s highest performing schools serving approximately 600 students. It is one of four schools in Cleveland to offer dedicated gifted classes on Campus. The school also serves as a pre-service teacher training and administrator internship site for Cleveland State University and Baldwin Wallace University.

West Park Evangelical Friends (3780 W. 140th St.) has been an active congregation in Cleveland for over 100 years. The congregation started with a chapel on W. 38th and Clark Ave and moved to West Park in in the 1920s. The current church was built in 1970.

Cool German/American-style apartment building near W. 143rd.

Parkdale Ave, one of the few streets in Jefferson with original brick pavers.

More public art on utility boxes as seen throughout Jefferson on Lorain Ave.

Four Points Sheridan (4181 W. 150th) is a 6-story, 147-room hotel about two miles from the Cleveland airport and the IX Center. It features the The Hub Bar & Grill which offers local brews and typical pub fare. There's also a nearby La Quinta Inn across the street near the RTA station as well.

PPG Industries Cleveland (3800 W. 143rd) is the largest manufacturing and technical center for automotive coatings in North America. It's situated on a massive 42-acre site. In 1947, PPG purchased the facility from Forbes Varnish Company, which began operations there in 1907. Above is the entrance to one of the orginal buildings when it was owned by Forbes Varnish (note the sandstone marquee).

Cozumel Mexican Restaurant (4195 W. 150th) is a popular Cleveland-area chain. A few years ago, they were listed as the #4 Best Cleveland Area Mexican Restaurant by There are 5 locations in the area. This store is their newest and the only one in the city.

A vegetarian sampling at Cozumel.

RTA - Puritas W. 150th Rapid Station (4200 W. 150th) was built in 1966 on 6-acres of land. The station received a complete $9.54 million makeover in 2011.

The RTA station also features public art by four separate artists. Dr. Murphy Ajayi developed a design called "Motion, Cyclones, and the Community," an outdoor mural which he said, "celebrates excellence in creativity in all spheres of educational and community empowerment, advancement, and entrepreneurship in the neighborhood and Cleveland areas." Functional art follows the guidelines of "eclecticity, connectivity, comfort, and direction" by Ron Baron, William Culbertson and Krzysztof Zudowski. It includes sculpted relief panels, clusters of sculptural lamps, and benches with suitcase designs. Above is a sample.

PNC Bank Data Center (4150 W. 150th) employs over 2,000 people at this 3-building site. It was originally an operations center for National City until the bank was acquired by PNC in 2008.

Admiral Products (4101 W. 150th) was established in 1950 and produces coated labels for packaging companies, business forms, and sales and marketing materials.

These reliefs accent a seating area on W. 150th near the RTA station. They depict the old Cleveland & Southwestern line which was an interurban rail line that connected communities throughout the greater Cleveland area. Others depict Puritas Springs Park, a long gone amusement park created in the late 1890s about 2 miles away in what is now the Kamm's neighborhood (more on the history of the park when I get to Kamm's).