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Run: #30: Tremont - Part 4

This run was on the industrial eastern edge of Tremont mostly along W. 3rd, transitioning to Quigley Road and then to Steelyard Drive, south to Old Denison Road.

Boundary: W. 3rd to Quigley to Steelyard Drive, South to Old Denison Road

Notable locations:

  • Steelyard Commons: This shopping center was created in 2007 on land that was the site of a former steel finishing mill (after much debate from the community and City Hall). In contains lots of national brand food and retail chains that you'd find in just about any suburb in America. However, it also contains the Steel Heritage Center, a 600-square-foot museum dedicated to Cleveland's industrial legacy. The Towpath Trail also runs along the eastern edge and the whole place is backdropped by an active steel mill and railyard.
  • Midwest Railway Preservation Society: Parts of this run were in some pretty highly industrial, isolated areas. That's what made this find that much more special. Tucked away on the dead end portion of W. 3rd is the headquarters for this volunteer-based organization which was founded in 1955 and is dedicated to "collect, preserve, restore, display and operate railway equipment for the education and enjoyment of the public". Those folks back in 1955 raised $200,000 to buy the current location (an old B&O roundhouse that was slated for demolition). The eventual goal is to renovate the site and turn it into a museum and education center one day. In the meantime, they've restored numerous cars and teach volunteers how to do so as well. Their entrance is adorned with an old B&O bay window caboose which was renovated in 2005. They even purchased the corporate name of an old Cleveland railroad (Cleveland Terminal & Valley Railway) and use the name to transport their equipment, making them an actual railroad when they do so. It's a pretty eclectic place and was the highlight of the run.
  • Pats In The Flats: Pats started as a working class bar in 1945 for those toiling at the mills nearby. As Cleveland changed over the years, so did Pat's. It eventually became a legendary dive bar for the underground music scene. (In fact, it was one of first places the White Stripes played outside of Detroit back in 1998). Owner Pat Hanych has been part of the business dating back to the 50s. At 78 years of age, she decided to hang it up and and attempt to sale the place in 2018. Sadly, it remains vacant.
  • W. 3rd Street Lift Bridge: This bridge was built in 1940 by the Works Progress Administration. It was upgraded in 2018 but the original stone pillar columns remain.

Distance This Run: 6.2 miles  l Total Distance So Far: 144.3 miles

Strava Recording

Active mill in the Industrial Valley

Towpath tunnel tag

W. 3rd

A view from the end of Drydock Ave

W. 3rd Street Lift Bridge

The iconic Pat's In The Flats (RIP)

View from Jefferson Ave bridge

W. 3rd

Attack From Mars mural on W. 3rd

Railyard and steel mill panoramic

Now integrated with the Towpath Trail

Pay your parking tickets or end up here

Steel Heritage Center in Steelyard Commons

Welcome to Steelyard Commons

Bridge art on the Towpath Trail in Steelyard Commons

Holmden Ave

Status unknown

Below the W. 3rd Street Lift Bridge, downtown skyline in the back

If these buildings could talk

This restored B&O caboose welcomes you to the Midwest Railway Preservation Society HQ 

Railway society mailbox