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Run 56: Stockyards - Part 3

   This was the third and final section run of the Stockyards neighborhood. The boundary for this run included W. 45th (east) to Ridge Road (west) and from Storer Ave (north) to I-71 (south).

Note: I learned that there are "only" about 1,500 street miles in Cleveland which means I'm about a quarter of the way there.

Distance This Section: 15.7 miles

Distance So Far:  351.8 miles

Run 1 l Run 2 

The Sachsenheim (7001 Denison Ave) was founded by Saxons from Transylvanian who fled the county after Hungarian nationalism swept through the area in the late 19th and early 20th Century. The word literally means "Saxons Home". The building served as the headquarters for a fraternal organization formed to protect Transylvanian Saxons from catastrophic illness and industrial workplace injury and death. It later evolved into a place that hosted arts and cultural events for the community. Today, it's a popular venue for social events, fundraisers and weddings. Its weekly Taco Tuesday is beloved by all of Cleveland.

Perhaps not the nicest but definately the coolest house I saw.

Carlos Avenue

St. Boniface was established in 1903 and is located in the Metro Catholic school campus on W. 54th. It offers service in Vietnamese.

Metro Catholic is a Pre-8th elementary school on W. 54th Street. It was formed in 1988 after the merger of three city school parishes: St. Boniface, St. Michael and St. Stephen. It is the only Cleveland Catholic elementary school with programs to assist refugee students and those with cognitive learning disabilities and has won numerous awards for its overall excellence.

This industrial park off of W. 56th features light manufacturing companies which specialize in custom packaging and sewing, plastic and steel drums, metal part inspection and sorting, and retail and commercial fixtures.

The train keeps 'a rollin' on W. 58th Street.

Picked a fight with a sidewalk on Ridge Ave. The sidewalk won.

Chicken, rice and beans from Gually's Bakery & Restaurant

Gually's Bakery & Restaurant (6201 Denison Ave) takes great pride in its Puerto Rican roots. Per, "the walls feature photos of Puerto Rican pineapple fields, traditional villages and political figures. A 1953 photo of the neighboring Clark-Fulton neighborhood can be spotted near the front counter. The building itself has its own lengthy history. Before it became Gually’s, (it) was a music venue, hosting local rock acts. Before that, it was a church in the 1920s."

Some fresh baked goods from Gually's.

The Lap Bar & Grille at the intersection of W. 65th & Storer Ave.

This large open field near W. 67th & Storer Ave has no name but is technically a City park.

Stop teasing us.

Melber Ave (there were other interesting planters as well).

Entrance to Miller's on Russel Lane, one of only three mobile homes parks in the city.

The Castle on Ridge might be one of the most interesting buildings I've come across in Cleveland. Designed like a castle, it houses a bar, U-Haul storage center and an auto sales shop. There was also a sign for notary service and a flea market (on the same sign). Apparently, you can also rent it for events, too. This is why you do the runs.

Bronco's Western BBQ (3765 Ridge Road) is owned by Frank Lord and Gary Carrino, the latter of which is a nationally award-winning BBQ chef. They feature smoked, Western-style BBQ using cherry and oak wood plus their own original sauce.

"Our Path. Our Community. Our Wellness." mural on Ridge Road. Created in 2009 by Dan Whitely and Pam Griffith along with a host of students.

This building at 6501 Barberton Ave was originally home to the Colonial Woolen Mills Company which began operations here 1917 until selling the building in 1975. The building itself was designed by William S. Lougee who oversaw the construction of Cleveland City Hall and served as City Architect and Building Commissioner in the 1930s.

Found this random restaurant operating out of a house on the corner of W. 61st & Barberton (Zeeks Eats).

W. 61st Street

End of the road on W. 58th Street.

Grow Wizzard (5700 Denison) is a garden service center that's been in business for 20 years.