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Run #15: SW Detroit Shoreway Part 2

After taking a "break" by running the Towpath trail from Downtown Akron to Downtown Cleveland over the weekend (38 miles in 90 degree heat), I picked things back up this morning by finishing my run of SW Detroit Shoreway. The highlights of this part of the neighborhood is Ebenezer Spanish Seventh-Day Church and Dudley Triangle Pocket Park, which was completed in 2017 thanks to support from the Kresge Foundation-funded Climate Resilience Urban Opportunity Initiative. It serves as a community gathering place for educational, environmental, and social events. This completes my run of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.

Distance/Time: 3.8 miles l 33 mins 06 secs
Total Distance/Time: 71.34 miles l 9 hours 9 mins 16 secs