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North Collinwood: Part 4

 This was the fourth run of the North Collinwood neighborhood. 

Map: Run 1

Distance This Run:  5.8 miles

Distance So Far: 599.4 miles

Raddell's Sausage Shop (479 E. 152nd St.) - a true North Collinwood staple - has been serving up their super popular Slovenian sausage (and other European-style meats) for over 4 generations. They also serve smokies (pictured), soups, strudels and homemade potica. You can also order a hot sausage sandwich at the counter, too. They are the 4x People's Choice Award winner of Best Slovenian Sausage at the National Polka Hall of Fame which sounds like one of the most Cleveland awards ever. Here's a great video about Raddell's.

Patrons loading up on their their European-styled carnivore needs at Raddell's.

Found this Collinwood brick paver near St. Jerome’s church. 

Although a bit of a misnomer given that the store is actually in Cleveland, Bratenahl Kitchen (14002 Lakeshore Blvd) is a small but mighty Jamaican joint serving up big portions. The owner is from Jamaica. Here’s a good preview by Cleveland Magazine.

Shrimp, peppers, rice and beans from Bratenhal Kitchen, my post-run meal.

St. Jerome Church (15000 Lake Shore Blvd) - the “Beacon on the Blvd” - got its start when a few laymen requested that a new church be built for the 125 families in North Collinwood. After World War I ended, Cleveland’s Bishop ordered the establishment of the new parish, which he placed under the patronage of St. Jerome, to whom the bishop had a special devotion. A large tent was installed on the parish’s newly purchased property. The first Mass was celebrated on Oct. 6, 1919 and construction began immediately on a wooden church building. The building was completed and dedicated on Oct. 3, 1920. The growing parish broke ground in spring 1922 for an 11-room, $100,000 school building to house 500 children. Fifteen years later, a four-room addition was built. School enrollment reached 650 in 1944. The school enrollment currently is about 230. Bonus: they have a delicious looking strudel sale going on right now through November 21 (order here).

This devotional area is located outside St. Jerome’s.

New sidewalks being installed on Othello Ave. Note the orange fencing around the street trees. This is a protective measure to ensure work crews do not obstruct those areas. This can damage the tree’s root system and kill the tree. This is how many trees have been lost over the years in Cleveland and it’s a big issue as the City’s canopy rate is only 18% (should be 30% at minimum).

Calypso’s Cafe (575 E. 140th) offers 7 different fish sandwich options (perch, whiting, red snapper, orange roughy, walleye, white/black bass, and catfish) as well as frog legs. 

14201 Westropp Ave

This vacant parcel on the corner of E. 149th & Lakeshore Blvd is the target of Western Reserve Land Conservancy’s ‘Reforest Our City’ campaign.

Red Walters (15100 Lakeshore Blvd) is a Cleveland mainstay, serving up popular BBQ for over 50 years. In Collinwood, they have a BBQ joint and event center (above) as well as a seafood joint down the road. They also have a spot in the Fairfax neighborhood.

This location on E. 152nd was the site of the Collinwood School Fire. On March 4, 1908, the school caught fire and killed 172 students, 2 teachers and a rescuer. It remains one of the deadliest school disasters in U.S. history (here is a chilling, detailed account if you can stomach it).  Around the sides of this memorial are 175 tiles, each inscribed with the name of someone who died in the fire.

After the fire, a new school was built behind it in 1911 (Collinwood Memorial). At the time, it possessed the highest fire protection standards of the day. It closed in the 1970s, remained vacant for decades, and was finally demolished in 2004. This new school - simply named Memorial - was built the following year.

This quote is inscribed on the Memorial School and is from the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 which created the Northwest Territory, U.S. territory created by Congress encompassing the region lying west of Pennsylvania, north of the Ohio River, east of the Mississippi River, and south of the Great Lakes.

Needless to say, this house stood out quite a bit.

A typical row of duplexes in North Collinwood. Very common on the western portion of the neighborhood.

This church on Westropp Road was built in 1923 and has been home to at least a half dozen religious communities over the years.

This apartment building - Memorial Apartments - was built in 1920 and is, not surprising, located next to Memorial School. There are a number of apartment buildings from this era and of this style on some of the main north/south corridors in the neighborhood. This building sold to an LLC from Los Angeles earlier this year for nearly $85K less than what it sold for in 1989 (adjusted for inflation). The trend of out-of-state real estate investors like this one is a growing concern throughout Cleveland. Often such owners "milk" the property by extracting as much rent as possible while investing little in the property over time, then walk away. It can also be very difficult for the City's housing court to track down an owner when code violations are issued in a effort to prevent the property from deteriorating.

Father Anthony Cassese was a longtime pastor at St. Jerome Church. He suffered from cystic fibrosis since childhood but beat the odds and survived until the age of 66, making him one of the disease's longest survivors.

The Smartland Breakwater apartment building (14100 Lakeshore Blvd) was built in 1963 and remodeled in 1980. It offers 1&2 bedroom apartments for between $800-$1,000/mo and is located close to the border of Bratenahl.

Vacancy at Lake Shore Blvd Apartments. This apartment building on Lakeshore Blvd was built in 1930 but has seen better days.

The childhood home of infamous gangster Danny Greene once occupied this vacant lot on E. 146th Street.

Meadow City Native Plant Nursery is a new nursery coming to 15005 Westropp Ave in 2023. Owner Julie Slater and met Alyssa Zearley while studying Environmental and Natural Sciences at Ohio State. Seeing a demand for native plant sales in Cleveland, Julie left her consulting job to start Meadow City, with plant growing consultation provided by Alyssa. Fun fact: in the off-season, Julie drives a school bus.

A beauty on Westropp Ave behind Raddell's.