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Run 54: Stockyards - Part 1

  This was the first section run of the Stockyards neighborhood, which was originally established largely by Hungarians and Czechs but is now a much more diverse neighborhood of approximately 9,000 residents.

The neighborhood gets its name from from the Cleveland Union Stockyards Co. The company
 moved to 3200 W. 65th Street in 1893 and its operations covered more than 60 acres at its peak. However, like many plants like it, it declined after WWII and closed in 1968. 

Stockyards is also home to Thomas Jefferson Newcomers Academy, Cleveland’s public school that focuses on newcomer students who speak little to no English. 

In an effort to revitalize the area around the school and fill vacant homes, the concept of the International Village was formed. Situated in the area within half a mile of the school, the plan is to rehab homes and provide them as housing to new refugee families. 

A professor at Cleveland State made a great documentary about this initiative, titled "Dreamhood".

The boundary for this run included W. 65th Street (west) to W. 44th Street (east) and from I-90 (north) to Clark Ave (south).

Distance This Section: 6.0 miles

Distance So Far: 323.8 miles

Strava Recording (Note: I went back and finished Walworth Ave after the initial run)

Max S. Hayes High School is a CMSD high school offering vocation-based education.  The current location on West 65th Street opened in August 2015 after having moved from Detroit Ave. It's named in honor of Max S. Hayes, a longtime Cleveland newspaper editor, labor activist, and 1920 vice presidential candidate of the Farmer-Labor Party. The school was also the first home for public television station WVIZ Ideastream, which was launched by CMSD. Current Mayor Frank Jackson is an alumni of the school.

Ice cream truck depot on Train Ave

This non-descript warehouse space is home the Great Lakes Theater Company's scene creation shop.

This vacant home at the corner of W. 44th & Fenwick Ave was built by B. F. Tyler - a founder of Ohio City - for his wife Sarah. Built in 1859, it's one of the oldest houses in the neighborhood and is an unusual example of Italianate architecture in Cleveland (more here).

These modular homes on Fenwick Ave were built during the pandemic and exemplify a new trend in single-family home construction in Cleveland due to their quicker assembly time and, consequently, cost savings.

This building was originally the warehouse of the Joseph & Fiess Company. The company was founded in 1841 and would become the largest and, eventually, oldest garment factory in the country. The campus was closed in the early 2000s and most of it was demolished by 2004. However, the warehouse was saved and underwent a $17 million renovation in 2017, transforming it into Menlo Park Academy which is now Ohio's top-ranked public elementary school exclusively serving gifted children from K-8th from over 40 different school districts throughout NE Ohio.

This building on Walworth Ave is home to BOXit which was founded in 1932 and is a leader in manufacturing cotton filled jewelry boxes for the retail and industrial markets. Over the years, it expanded its product line to include boxing for the food, retail and science industries.

Sunset on the W. 53rd St. bridge.

Metropolis Tattoo "feature(s) a diverse staff who specialize in many different styles. (They) also offer body piercing and a large body jewelry selection". Perfect 5.0 rating on Google Reviews.

This Salvation Army building at W. 44th & Clark Ave is one of eight in the greater Cleveland area.

Clark Ave.

Train Park features basketball courts and a playground area.

Clark Elementary School is a CMSD Pre-8th elementary school with a 5-star state school rating for its preschool program. The school participates in tastings and other events for students to promote locally produced healthy food and offers programs for staff on healthy eating and weight management.

Mural at Clark Elementary

Hidden but old-school cool Train Court

Mural on Clark Ave

A dirt bike gang tears down Clark Ave, disrupting traffic and angering drivers and passersby. This group of about 40 made three trips around the block - unimpeded - during my run. A pervasive issue in many Cleveland neighborhoods and a topic during the recent mayoral debate forums.

Clark Recreation Center was built in 1908 and originally served as a public bath house which were free, year-round places where working-class families, too poor to afford indoor hot-water plumbing, could wash themselves clean of industrial grime. The rules were posted in over 6 languages due to the neighborhood's ethnic diversity. The center is scheduled for a major renovation in 2021. The site was also awarded a $661K grant from the National Park Service to develop additional park space next to the center.

Clark Ave underpass near W. 65th

Caruso's is a neighborhood corner bar that's been in operation for over 50 years.

Lake Shore Feed & Seed is family-owned pet store that's been in operation for over 40 years (but now up for sale).

Jojo's African Market offers seasonings, oils, African fabric and food products. Per Google Reviews, folks love Jojo the owner.

Founded in 1995 on, coincidently, the same day the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame opened, Rock N' Roll City Studios on Walworth Ave is a 90-room, 24-hour, state-of-the-art rehearsal venue.