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Section 66: Bellaire-Puritas - Part 2

This was the second section run of the Bellaire-Puritas neighborhood. The section was originally called German Settlement or Settlement Acres. The section west of W. 130th is now referred to as "The Triangle" because of its positioning between the railroad tracks and highway.

Below is the boundary map:

MapRun 1Run 2

Distance This Section: 14.7 miles    

Distance So Far: 484.6 miles

McGowan Park (formerly Ralph Schumitsh Park and located at McGowan Ave & W. 124th) is a 3.6 acre City park that features a playground, ball fields and several basketball courts. It was previously named after Ralph Schumitsh who was was killed in the Korean War.

Community artwork inside McGowan Park.

A bridge inside McGowan park which provides crossing over the Chevy Branch of Big Creek.

Holland Paving & Sealcoating (4538 W. 130th) has been in business for 30 years and their clients include the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and NASA Glen among others.

Sprecher Avenue

Enterprise Avenue consists of nearly a mile of small industrial businesses.

Holiday Grill & Catering on Enterprise Ave serves plenty of hungry workers on this stretch.

Gods Acre Cemetery (4510 W. 130th) - also known as Immanuel Cemetery, Old Rockport Cemetery and Old German Settlement Cemetery- was established in approximately 1850 when a group of German immigrants bought the land from from a famer named John Mack. Their intent was to be buried next to their church, Immanuel Evangelical-Reformed. The earliest readable headstone is 1849. In 1970, an auto parts store next door purchased part of the land and some bodies had to be removed. In recent years, an Eagle Scout project resulted in a new sign. Here's a YouTube video of the cemetery today.

The gravestone of Johann Reitz, whose family was among the original settlers in the neighborhood and owners of the cemetery.

Founded and headquartered in Ohio since 1938, Shelly Company is the leading supplier of Limestone Aggregate in Ohio. This public art meets you at the entrance of their plant.

This staircase connects W. 130th to Lena Ave.

Even light industrial warehouses can have style and interesting design contrast.

West Park Academy (12913 Bennington Ave) is a Pre-8th elementary school that serves approximately 250 students. Home of the Tigers.

This industrial park on Bennington Ave houses a half-dozen plus small businesses. One is La Bamba Foods was founded in 2009 and provides tortilla products to restaurants throughout Ohio.

William Exline Inc (12301 Bennington Ave) is a 5th-generation family business specializing in the production of passbooks, passports, card jackets and their own patented cardholder. It was founded in the 1890s on St. Clair Ave as a printing and binding company and eventually evolved into the specialties is manufactures today.

Vien Quang Temple (4724 W. 130th) is a Buddhist Temple founded in 1989 by the local Vietnamese community. 

P.M. Junction (4645 W. 130th) is a blue-collar neighborhood bar and restaurant with country/rock on the juke box. The interior was recently remodeled. 

RIP The Vett Barbershop (but the building is for sale!). Interesting note about this artwork - it's mostly found on the Near West Side in the Tremont and Ohio City area. This is the first I've seen of it this far west.

Crossborn Park is a 5.2 acre City park that includes a playground, basketball and tennis courts, and a large baseball field.

Meet & Greet Bar & Grill (4625 W. 130th) is a modern and spacious, no-frill neighborhood bar.

This new Middle Eastern supermarket on W. 130th is soon to open but this pretty serious mural goes back at least a decade prior. The artist was Dan Whitely. 

Founded in 1896, West End Lumber is Cleveland’s oldest lumber and building materials supplier. It was started by a Prussian emigrant named Louis Kopitske on what was then Cleveland’s West End.

For the taking on Wainfleet Ave.

The Milligan Gardens Urban Wetland Restoration Project is a $10K project completed in 2008 which seeks to project this habitat over along the Chevy Branch of Big Creek.

The Chevy Branch of Big Creek which runs through the neighborhood.

Innovation Academy West (13111 Crossborn Ave) is a K-8 pubic charter elementary school that serves approximately 114 students.

RIP The Frosty Dog

The Old Husher's Farm garden (4790 W. 130th) is operated by Justin Husher, who holds a botany degree from Miami University of Ohio and an MBA from Cleveland State University. He got his start growing mushrooms in the ’90s and later worked on urban agriculture projects with Cleveland. He's now known for growing Paw Paws, which sell quickly.

Canopy-rich Crossburn Ave.

A common type of home in the neighborhood, although it was one of the cooler ones.

Needham Gardens on Kirton Ave was founded in 2011 by Andrew and his mother Ginger Needham. It was run as a hobby market garden from 2011-2015. In 2016, Andrew began to scale up operations, and in 2018 he was joined by Liz Emery and her daughter Alexis. They grow a mix of annual fruits and vegetables and perennial small fruits. They also produce honey, jams and jellies as cottage foods, and have started a small craft relish canning business. You can every week of the year at Coit Road Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8am-1pm. From June-October, they are at Kamm’s Corners Farmer’s Market on Sundays from 10am-1pm.

Alive and with flare at the dead end of Milligan Ave.

Keepin' the peace on Longmeade Ave.

Lena Ave.