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Section 67: Bellaire-Puritas - Part 3

 This was the third section run of the Bellaire-Puritas neighborhood. Below is section map:

MapRun 1Run 2

Distance This Section: 9.1 miles

Distance So Far: 493.7 miles

Cafe Everest (14304 Puritas Ave) is a Nepali restaurant which opened in 2021. It's owner, Tarah Baraily, was born in a refugee camp in Nepal in the 1990s. At 16 years old, Baraily and his family moved to the United States, first to San Antonio, Texas, then to Cleveland. Diners receive a complimentary cup of lentil soup with their meal. Above is the Rajma Chawal (kidney beans and rice in spiced sauce) which was a post-run meal.

West Park Neurology & Rehab Center (4401 W. 150th) is a skilled nursing facility assisting those with traumatic injuries requiring long-term care and assisted living. It opened in 1990.

The 372-room Wyndam Hotel (4277 W. 150th) was built in 1970 to service many business travelers, airport patrons, and IX Center visitors. It was originally a Marriott but went through foreclosure in 2020 and rebranded as Wyndam.

Cleveland Deli & Beverage (14939 W. 150th) is a popular neighborhood convenience store with a wide beer and wine selection. 

Behold, perhaps the tiniest Nationwide Insurance office building in the world.

This mural adorns the headquarters of the Bellaire-Puritas Development Corporation which serves approximately half of West Park.

Puritas Park Shopping Center (14025 Puritas Ave) is a 83,734 square-foot plaza built in 1960 (original building). It's anchored by the neighborhood's post office plus about a dozen other businesses to include a grocery store.

Cloud Water Zendo (14436 Puritas Ave) is a Zen center and Buddhist temple. They are dedicated to Ch'an meditation (also known as Zen), the 5 Elements School of Pure Land Buddhism (a contemporary rendering of traditional Pure Land Buddhism), the practice of traditional meditative arts and the study of Buddhist teachings. They are also the home of the Nien-Fo Order of Ch'an Buddhist Monks.

Canary's Family Restaurant (14810 Puritas Ave) is a longstanding neighborhood restaurant with a large menu of affordable American meals.

Lex's Pub (14915 Puritas Ave) is a classic Cleveland neighborhood dive bar near the intersection of W. 150th.

Industrial Parkway is full of newer and older small businesses. It's why Bellaire Purtias has one the highest concentration of industrial parks in the City.
The Rockport Apartments (14710 Puritas Road) was built in 1964, renovated in 1990 and has 3 stories with 144 units of affordable housing.

Maybe the coolest mailbox in Cleveland.

Built in 1924, this home on Puritas Road outdates much of the housing in surrounding neighborhood (most of which was constructed post-WWII).

Ascension Village offers 1- and 2- bedroom garden apartments for seniors 55 and older. It's located next to Blessed Trinity.

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church (14040 Puritas Ave) was formed as a result of a Diocese merger of Ascension, Annunciation and St. Patrick churches in 2009. It has a sprawling campus that consists of the rectory, church, the St. Joseph Center, which houses the Bountiful Basement Hunger Center, a vegetable garden and baseball fields. Blessed Trinity also leases its former school building to Birchwood Academy, a private school. A day care center sits on the south west corner of the campus. It was originally Ascension, founded in 1946, and was a spin-off of St. Patrick’s West Park parish. As the neighborhood grew in the post World War II era, the need for a new church – just a couple of miles down the road from St. Pat’s, was apparent. Today, it is the largest congregation in the Ward 18.

The paneled mural is located on the side of a neighborhood Pizza Hut.

Modest one-floor working class homes on W. 144th. These are common in southwest portion of the City and adjoining suburbs.

One of the cooler houses I saw.

Tomato & Rice soup from Canary's Family Restaurant.

W. 150th bridge separating Brook Park from Cleveland.

I may or may not have slid under this fence to continue my run.

If Mars attacks and you need to get out Cleveland, head to the Industrial Parkway (behind Oatley Supply Chain Service).

I think the Butthole Surfers moved to Bellaire-Puritas.

Namaste on W. 147th Street.