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South Collinwood: Part 6

 This was the sixth and final section run of the South Collinwood neighborhood. It included the heart of the historic district known as Nottingham Village.

Map: Run 1, Run 2

Distance This Run: 8.1 miles

Distance So Far:  665.6 miles

Originally part of Euclid Township, Nottingham Village was organized in 1873 and was annexed by the city of Cleveland in 1912. It was located between East 185th and East 200th Streets, running from Lake Erie to the north and to what is now the Norfolk Southern rail lines to the south. It extended as far west as E. 170th. St. Clair was considered its "main street". The southern half, still called Nottingham Village, is now considered part of South Collinwood. The rest of the village is part of North Collinwood. The Dilles were a prominent family (David Dille Jr was the first actual settler of Euclid) and important figures in Nottingham history. Dille Road is named after them.

Founded in 1978, Hospice of the Western Reserve provides palliative and end-of-life care, caregiver support, and bereavement services. Their facility at 17876 St. Clair Ave opened in 2011 and is their headquarters.

Clearmont Ave still maintains its original brick pavers but dead ends into Norfolk Southern rail tracks. And it's been that way for over 100 years. I'm guessing there was likely a pedestrian bridge which connected to E. 193rd to the Euclid Green neighborhood at some point but I couldn't find any maps depicting this.

Cute little working-class home on Clermont. Built in 1938 and has had only two owner for at least the last 50 years. The current owner has lived there for the last 32 years.

Hannah Gibbon Nottingham School (1401 Larchmont) serves 249 students from grades Pre-8th. The school focuses on project-based, hands-on learning and real-world problem solving.

Nottingham United Methodist Church (18316 St Clair Avenue) was built in 1893 although the congregation dates back to 1821. The church is still active and is probably the most notable landmark in Nottingham Village. It's also home to the Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society.

Western Reserve Water Systems (18301 St. Clair) is an industrial water service company for the power, chemical processing, auto, steel, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, hospital, medical, laboratory and light industrial markets. They serve most of northern Ohio and their facility on St. Clair is their service center and regeneration facility.

Always great to see home renovation work in South Collinwood. This house is located on the corner of E. 178 & Cochran and was built in 1910.

A neighborhood resident doing a little Fall yard work.

These simple brick homes on E. 186 stand out from most of the other architecture in the neighborhood. They were all built in 1947 and many of the homeowners have lived there for decades.

This building on the corner E. 187 & St. Clair was built in 1924 and is titled the "Lucille Building". It's original use was first floor offices and apartments above. It's been vacant in recent years but permits suggest there's possible intent to rehab it. It would be terrible to lose this important piece of urban fabric on St. Clair, one of the last buildings of its kind in South Collinwood.

Some Halloween flair on Ironwood Ave.

A burst of late Fall color on the corner of E. 178 & Cochran.

Euclid Chemical (19000 Cochran Road) is a major producer for the concrete and masonry construction industry in North America. The company was founded over 100 years ago and was purchased by publicly-traded RPM corp in 1984. The “Euco Method” is recognized as an industry standard in the world of masonry and concrete construction. Their sprawling campus on Cochran and Rosewood Aves employs over 375 and generates revenues of nearly $200M.

Congins Pizza (18812 Nottingham Road) is a family pizza shop established in 1983. It was named to Cleveland Scene's 2023 Essential Pizza Restaurants. They also have a second location in Chardon but the South Collinwood location is the original.

A Chicken, Spinach and Banana Pepper personal pizza from Congin's. Not bad.

B&P Spring (19520 Nottingham Road) was founded in 1960 by Stanley Godnavec. The company manufactures compression, extension and torsion springs as well as wire forms, flat forms and other formed metal pieces. 

These Norfolk & Southern tracks are where Nottingham Road ends and Dillie Road begins. It's also the border of the South Collinwood and Euclid Green neighborhoods.

From Cool Cleveland: "Cavotta's Garden Center (19603 Nottingham Road) is a family business that’s been around for 85 years. Now run by Angela Cavotta - the granddaughter of its founder - the business has more than doubled its size. Cavotta’s is best known for the more than a hundred varieties of heirloom tomatoes. It carries a huge range of vegetables, herbs and flowers as well as seeds, locally produced food products (including Angela's dipped pretzels) and some garden supplies. It's a fun place to walk around and check out the vintage garden furniture and décor and statuary plus animals: goats, rabbits, chickens and feral cats. They also have a really great patio with some simple but delicious menu items (here). I really wanted to stop here after a run but my timing was bad as they were on break until November 18.

Lady Luck Lounge (19309 Nottingham Road) appears to be a pretty standard neighborhood bar but has a pretty slick website.

R.J. Taylor Park features two basketball courts, baseball field, playground, shelter, spray park, and two tennis courts. Perhaps the coolest thing about the park is that it's entrance off of Nottingham Road features a cool art installation by artist Matthew Geller titled 'Coo Lot with Plum'. Referencing the nearby Nottingham Water Treatment Plant, the artwork is a 135-foot labyrinthine of water pipes with a swaying bench, horizontal pipes that provide bench-like seating, and light that spills out of the vertical pipes like water to illuminate the path and trees at night. You can see parts of it in the background of the photo or click here for shots at night.

Cleveland Cash Register (19116 Nottingham Road) was founded by Jim Nero in 1948. Sadly, Naro died in August of this year at the age of 96.

This home at 19101 Nottingham Road was built in 1890 has been owned one family for at least 50 years and another dating back to at least 1914. This place does not need much decorating for Halloween.

A Piece of Cleveland takes trees that must be removed in Cleveland and repurposes them into beautiful art and furniture. The business began in 2007 by repurposing wood from homes facing demolition. About 9 years ago, new owner Seth Harrison - who owned a tree care business - bought the business and focused on salvaged trees (more on their story here and photos of their work here). They constructed this brand new building on Nottingham Road in this past year. A great new business in South Collinwood.

Nottingham Childcare Academy (18913 Nottingham Rd.) is a 5-star child care center. The building was built in 1922 as the Nottingham Masonic Temple. It became a stamping press building in the 1990s until transitioning into the child care center it is today.

This building at 18900 Nottingham Road was built in 1926 and has been owned by Ohio Bell Telephone Company for as long as records show. 

Euclid Creek drains an area of approximately 24 square miles and is one of 13 watersheds in Cleveland. The total watershed contains 11 cities, 10 of which are in Cuyahoga County. About 68,000 people live in the watershed. About 2.49 miles of Euclid Creek runs through Cleveland, of which 26% is channeled underground. The E. 185th St./St. Clair spillway, a stone's throw from this photo and the largest dam within the watershed, was created in 1961 to channel Euclid Creek below I-90. Euclid Creek flows over bedrock more than 360 million years old.

Fire Station #40 (18930 St. Clair Ave) was built in 1956 and is the easternmost station in Cleveland. Its service vehicle is a 2021 Rosenbauer.

The Nottingham Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 1951 and is one of four such plants in Cleveland. The plant processes 65 million gallons of water every day and 25 billion gallons per year. It sits along the main branch of Euclid Creek and provides the Euclid Creek Watershed communities (above) with water.

4-legged residents of Nottingham Village out for a stroll in the neighborhood.

No chance on Syracuse Ave.

This building on the 18600 block of St. Clair Ave was built in 1927 and is still in very good shape. It's had a number of different uses over the decades (obviously one being a restaurant at some point). It's recently been home to a cafe and laundromat.

This parklet at the corner of E. 185th & St. Clair is the terminus shaft of the Euclid Creek Tunnel, a $198M Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer project designed to help drastically reduce combine sewage overflow issues. There's a giant shaft in the center of this park. The project is part of Project Clean Lake, a 25-year program to reduce pollution in Lake Erie by 4 billion gallons per year.

Pacer's on the Shoreway (19800 S. Waterloo Rd) was a longtime bar & grill on S. Waterloo Road. It was known for its ribs. Unfortunately, it closed in just the past few years. They also used to have a spot downtown but that's now closed, too. This building on S. Waterloo was built in 1966 and was an initially owned by Standard Oil.

Neff Road is a major connection between North and South Collinwood. The road itself dates back to as far as at least the 1850s (although it was called River Road then). Its bridge deck is currently undergoing several million dollars worth of repair. That's good news for bicyclists as Neff is being considered as the primary route for Cleveland Metroparks proposed Euclid Creek Trail project. By the way, Neff is a big name in these parts. There's, of course, Neff Road but there's also nearby Neff Park. I couldn't figure out exactly which Neff these things are named after but it might be Casper Neff who owned a large chunk of property near the shoreline around the turn of the 20th Century. Also unsure if there's a relation to perhaps the most interesting Neff - Earl Neff - who was an artist, art consultant (Standard Oil was a client) and prominent ufologist. Neff claimed to have at least 8 personal encounters with UFOs by 1973 and gained a national forum through lecturing and talk radio programs.

Palm Aire is a 3-floor, 7,200 square foot office space building on Villaview Road right off of I-90. It was built in 1969.
This former office space building on Villaview is part of the 3-building campus for Imagine Bella Academy charter school. Founded in 2004, the school is part of a national non-profit family of public charter schools consisting of 60 campuses educating more than 30,000 students in 9 states and D.C.

Ludwig's (768 E. 200th Street) is a little pub on the border of Collinwood and Euclid. The building itself was built in 1902. According to local historian and community newspaper editor John Copic, the orginal Ludwig's was across the street over a hundred years ago when most of the street was grape vineyards. The current bar was owned by Frank Zigman who purchased it 1988. He was a beloved figure in Euclid (his jacket is actually encased in a shadow box in the bar). He ran a snow plow business on the side and was great friend and family man according to locals. It's currently owned by Pat Delaney who is a former City of Euclid councilman and a wealth of community knowledge. Ludwig's is known for making their own sausage (homemade Slovenian sausage sandwiches as well as stuffed cabbage and pierogi are menu items). Fun fact: notice that their sign says 768 Cut Road. Cut was the name of E. 200th before north-south roads were converted to numbers in the early 20th Century.

Stevenson's Bar & Grill (800th East 200th Street) is a no-frills neighborhood bar/restaurant about a block or so south of Ludwig's. It opened in the 1920s and was located on Lakeshore Blvd for decades before moving to its current location in 2013. It's known for it's burgers which have won both local and national recognition.

A cheeseburger with the works from Stevenson's. Not bad. You definately can't beat the prices at this place.

After your burger at Stevenson's, you can head about a block north on E. 200th to figure out what's planned for the rest of your life.

Rainy Day Fish (971 E. 185th) is a locally owned pet fish store. It's co-owned by an attorney and researcher at Case Western Reserve University who also studied wildlife ecology and conservation at the University of Florida.

According to the Nottingham Historical Society, this house at 18920 Nottingham Rd. is what was once Nottingham Hospital. Owned and operated by Dr. C.J. Cannon and Mary Frances Conrad, it served the community for over 20 years, beginning in 1922. Records of the hospital are part of the collection at Case Western's Medical Collection.

E. 185th Street is a major commercial corridor located on a significant portion of Collinwood and Euclid border. It's currently undergoing a 1.6 mile, $11.9 total renovation. Improvements include resurfacing, street trees, decorative sidewalk brick pavers and crosswalks, curb bumpouts, and branding features such as gateway entrance signage and decorative metal banners. There are no bike lanes either on-street or off which was a big miss but the remainder of the improvements were much needed for this important Cleveland Middle Neighborhood.