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Run #22: West Blvd to W. 106, North to Berea Rd, South to Frontage

The most prominent landmark within this run was the Cudell Rec Center where Tamir Rice was tragically killed. There is a community memorial on the site but a more significant one will be built soon. The center/park is also home to the Cudell Clock Tower which was dedicated by the widow of renowned architect Frank Cudell (the neighborhood's namesake) in 1917 as a memorial. His home is also located on the western portion of the park and served as the first municipally-owned arts and crafts center in the nation. Also, one of the best neighborhood bars on the West Side if not all of Cleveland - Judd's City Tavern - is located at 10323 Madison Ave.

Distance: 5.47 miles l Time: 42:15

Total Distance: 102.57 miles l Total Time: 13 hours 38 mins 55 sec

Strava Recording