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Run #27: Tremont - Part 1

This run was the heart of the Tremont historic district.
I started near the recently closed Sokolowski's University Inn (RIP) and worked my way around the northern ridge line where one of the final parts of the Towpath connection is being completed.

From there, I ran down Fairfield to W. 14th where I passed a diverse and historic collection of churches: 

  • St. Andrew Kim, a former Polish church converted to a Korean catholic parish
  • Iglesia Pentecostal El Calvario (a.k.a. “Calvary Pentecostal Church”) which serves primarily the Puerto Rican community
  • Pilgrim Congregational, a massive Romanesque structure and the first building on the west side of Cleveland to have electricity; parish is also known for its social work
  • And the former Zion United Church of Christ, now mostly luxury apartments although the congregation leases back the first floor of the former school building and maintains a Chapel, all-purpose meeting room, office and kitchen in their historic home. Also, the pastor is the community organizer for the Tremont West Development Corporation. Pretty cool and unique situation.
There were other churches on this run but one of note is the uniquely repurposed Our Lady of Mercy on W. 11th which was originally created for Slovak-American parishioners but - after a $5 million renovation - houses historic preservation, office furniture and sports/event management companies.

Working my way east and south, I hit the W. 11th pedestrian bridge and passed the historic Hotz CafeCleveland's oldest tavern and where Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Ty Cobb would get a beer after ballgames during Prohibition. (Even Elliot Ness was known to knock a few back here and FDR stopped during his 1932 campaign).

The heart of the run featured the popular Prosperity Social Club (best fish fry in Cleveland), Merrick House (settlement house for immigrants which also played a significant role in health care equity, school desegregation, and neighborhood development), and the neighborhood anchor, Lincoln Park.

Rounding out the run, I finished up the blocks around W. 10th and W. 11th south of Kenilworth. Of note was the neighborhood's longtime coffee shop, Civilization, and Lemko Hall, best known as the location of the wedding reception in the "Deer Hunter".

Distance This Run: 4.5 mi l Total Distance So Far: 127.6 mi

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